Storage continues to be problem at courthouse

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral County Courthouse

By Liz Beavers

Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - Employees at the Mineral County Courthouse have been complaining for years that they are running out of storage room, and the situation hasn’t gotten any better.

Now, county clerk Lauren Ellifritz is looking to purchase another outside building in order to try to slow the rapid takeover of her office by records and other items that cannot by state law be thrown away.

“I am completely out of room,” she said.  “We’re overwhelmed.”

Ellifritz says her office, the vault in which many of the county’s books are kept, and even two other storage sheds which she had previously purchased are currently busting at the seams.

“You’ve seen my office; you don’t even want to see the storage shed right now,” she told the Mineral County Commissioners.

Ellifritz said the new building would not need heat, but will need electricity and will probably be placed in the vicinity of the other two in the parking lot beside the detention center.

What she did not ask for, however, was money to pay for the purchase.

“I have money in my elections budget,” she explained.

In other news that won’t overburden the county budget, Ellifritz announced that Mineral County was able to obtain another 650 optical scan ballot counting machine, which had been declared surplus by Berkeley County.

“They just signed it over to us for free,” she said.