Ridgeley asking residents to park off streets

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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By Ronda Wertman

Tribune Correspondent

RIDGELEY -- As the forecast calls for continuing rounds of snow and ice, Ridgeley is urging its residents to utilize off-street parking whenever possible.

“Please move your cars for the weekend,” said town foreman Bobby Lambert Tuesday, noting it makes plowing more accessible.

With a freezing temperatures also predicted, water commissioner Duke Lantz urged caution in the cold snap.

“Let that faucet drip a little bit in order to avoid disaster,” he said.

The council offered praise and thanks to Ridgeley Police Sgt. Mike Lott who was instrumental in containing the Feb. 5 porch fire on Skyline Drive in Carpendale.

“Luckily our very own Ridgeley Police Department Sgt. Mike Lott was on duty and responded. Sgt. Lott was able to keep the fire from spreading past the porch till other units could arrive,” said the town’s Facebook page. “The mayor of Ridgeley is proud of his professional police force! We are very thankful for the Fire Departments that responded and the teamwork that took place!”

Lantz echoed these sentiments during this week’s council meeting.

The town also reminds residents who have a fire hydrant in the area of their property to keep the area clear of snow and ice, which will assist crews in establishing a water supply in the event of an emergency.

On a final note, the council announced that the town hall is once again open the public. Those visiting town hall are required to wear a mask, they must practice social distancing with only one resident at a time, and are asked to only enter through the front door.