Sisters use senior project to help feed the hungry

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Claire and Carlie Del Signore collected massive amounts of food for the Faith in Action Food Pantry as part of their KHS senior project.
Pictured is just a small portion of the food collected by Carlie and Claire DelSignore for their senior project.

By Chapin Jewell

Tribune Correspondent

KEYSER - The DelSignore twins are at again. No, this time it’s not Carlie leading her soccer team on the pitch at KHS or Claire running her guts out for the cross country team.  Spring ball hasn’t started yet, so it’s not the dynamic duo helping to lead the Lady Tornado to another victory on the softball field.

If you know them, and everyone seemingly does, you know that this time the DelSignores, and their sisters, and the rest of their family, are up to “doing a good turn daily” as the Boy Scouts say.

Marie DelSignore, Carlie and Claire’s mother, explains their latest endeavor, “If you recall, we helped with a neighborhood food drive in December. It was such a success that Carlie and Claire decided to organize an expanded version as their senior project. ‘Success’ is an understatement,” she said. “We are so grateful to live in such a generous community.”

To call it both an understatement and a success is indeed an understatement For their senior project at Keyser High School, Claire and Carlie expanded what became a Valentine’s Day Food Drive from an initial two neighborhoods in December to six neighborhoods and their Church of the Assumption family.

“Our Valentine’s Day food drive was inspired by the neighborhood food drive led by Stacey Huffman, which was held in December. That food drive consisted of two neighborhoods, Great Oak Valley and Healy Heights.”

According to Claire DelSignore, “This senior project differed from the December food drive because we added four neighborhoods and our church to the list, so the participants included Great Oak Valley, Healy Heights, Hidden View, Timberlake, Tanglewood, Pinepointe, and The Church of the Assumption Parish.”

Just how successful was the drive in terms of food collected?

According to Marie DelSignore, “We filled our extended length SUV, a full-size truck and Tony (DelSignore’s) trailer.”

“There was an immense amount of donations from all of the neighborhoods and the church, and all of the donations as well as money donations went straight to the Faith in Action Food Pantry,” Claire detailed.

A project of this scope and magnitude requires the assistance of a lot of people, and Carlie and Claire and family are quick to offer their thanks for all the assistance they received.

According to Claire, “We had many people volunteer to help out with this food drive, making everything easier, and an extensive amount of participation. The participants were very generous. People that we would like to give recognition to would be our parents Marie and Anthony DelSignore, my sisters Abby and Libby DelSignore, Stacey Huffman, Randy Mangold, Krista Mangold, Rylee Mangold, Mollie Altobello, and Chris Altobello.

“Trenton Denne, Jake Pancake, Jack Stanislawcyzk, Hannah Felton, Alexa Shoemaker, Lori Wilson, Dylan Wilson, Pat Keller, and everyone who donated food to make our project successful need to be thanked as well,” Claire continued.

Just as the initial food drive in December organized by Stacey Huffman inspired the DelSignore girls to organize this expanded version for their senior project, the DelSignores hope the involvement and assistance they received from many underclassmen this year will inspire them to continue the project next year.

According to Claire, “Overall, this project has made us feel as if we were able to bring happiness into the community during this pandemic, and we hope that it can be continued in the future by the underclassmen who participated.”