Keyser City Council makes Perry vote official

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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By Liz Beavers

Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - The Keyser City Council moved quickly Wednesday to take a revote on the motion to rescind the Nov. 18  appointment of Curtis Perry.

This time, the motion carried 3-1.

The council had originally voted to rescind the appointment at the Dec. 9 council meeting, but with two members voting for, one against, and the fourth not voting at all, Perry later pointed out that the motion did not meet the majority needed to pass.

Wednesday, council member Jim Hannas, who had made the original motion to rescind the appointment, once again made the motion.

Mike Ryan, who had not voted at all during the original action, seconded Hannas’ motion.

Mayor Damon Tillman then asked each council member one by one for their vote. Hannas, Ryan and Jennifer Junkins all voted yes and Billy Meek, the lone no vote in December, stated, “Absolutely not.”

It had been Meek’s idea in November to appoint Perry to the empty seat on the council, saying it was only right to go to the next highest vote-getter from the city’s July 28 election. Perry had come in fourth after Hannas, Ryan and Meek.

There was no further discussion about the issue, and the council went on to hear various reports in what turned out to be a short meeting that only lasted 20 minutes.

The vote to rescind Perry’s appointment originally came about when Hannas said the city officials had become aware of some complaints Perry had filed against the council with the West Virginia Ethics Commission.

The Ethics Commission has since dismissed the case.