Hannas plans to re-introduce motion to rescind Perry appointment

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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By Liz Beavers


Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - Keyser City Council member Jim Hannas has said he intends to make a motion again Wednesday to rescind the Nov. 18 appointment of Curtis Perry to serve on the council.

Hannas originally made a motion to rescind the appointment at the Dec. 9 council meeting, but Perry called the legality of the vote into question because two members of council had voted for the motion, one voted against, and the fourth did not vote.

Mayor Damon Tillman said that night that the motion carried and Perry would not be seated on the council, but Perry later pointed out that the vote did not constitute a majority.

Perry had originally been appointed on Nov. 18 to fill the seat vacated by the earlier resignation of William Zacot. Council member Billy Meek had made the motion to appoint Perry, saying he felt the next highest vote-getter in the July 28 city election should be given the opportunity to serve.

Perry had come in fourth in the election behind Hannas, Mike Ryan and Meek.

On Dec. 16, however, Hannas, who had seconded Meek’s motion to appoint Perry, made a motion to rescind the vote based on some new information that he said had since come to their attention in regard to some complaints Perry had filed against them with the West Virginia Ethics Commission.

Although the Ethics Commission dismissed the complaints, the Keyser city officials said they didn’t feel Perry would be a good fit to work with them.

In a letter to the editor which appeared in the Dec. 21 News Tribune, however, Perry said the two affirmative votes were not enough to pass the motion.

Basing his comments on the wording of the city’s charter as it appeared most recently on the City of Keyser website, Perry said the motion required 2/3 majority vote - either three council members or two council members plus the mayor if the vote had otherwise been a tie.

Since Perry’s questioning of the legality of the vote, Tillman told the News Tribune they would have to retake the vote, with Ryan voting either yay or nay.

Should he vote for Hannas’ motion, it will pass 3-1. Should he vote against the motion, the vote would be a 2-2 tie which the mayor, according to the city’s charter, has the ability to break.

Wednesday’s council meeting gets underway at 6 p.m. The vote is the only item on the agenda besides the regular reports from each council member and department head.