Ravenscroft: Parents would be notified on Friday about following week

Mineral Daily News-Tribune
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By Liz Beavers


Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - As Mineral County plans to make the decision on virtual, blended, or in-person school on a week-by-week basis beginning Jan. 19, parents will be notified on Friday what to expect for their children for the next week.

Superintendent of schools Troy Ravenscroft said Tuesday that he will be working closely with Mineral County Health Department administrator A.Jay Root in going over multiple pieces of the most up-to-date data possible in order to determine what type of scenario is safe for the students and teachers.

Ravenscroft said the West Virginia Department of Education map which was previously used to determine if it was safe to have schools open was based upon data that was often several days old and by the time the map came out on Saturday, that data could have changed drastically.

“I’d like to use more of a predictive model,” he said, adding that he and his staff and Root and the health department staff would work together to determine how to proceed for the following week.

“I want to look at each school … how many positives are in the school, how many are quarantined … and based on everything we know, what we expect, we would determine one of these things - next week we’ll be remote, next week we’ll be blended, or next week we’ll be traditional.”

Ravenscroft went on to explain that by “traditional,” he meant starting out with the four-day-a-week schedule in order to have Wednesday for cleaning.

Eventually, when the positivity rates go even lower, students would return to five days a week.