What are Mineral Countians doing for Thanksgiving?

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By Barbara High


Tribune Staff Writer

With the upcoming  holiday season fast approaching, people have to address how to handle family gatherings. Thanksgiving plans are being interrupted for many by the pandemic that is ravaging the county and country.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice recently spoke about Thanksgiving gatherings in a press conference and urged those in West Virginia to follow the medical experts’ recommendations. With most family holiday settings traditionally bringing family members in  proximity with each other and for extended periods of time, Justice said the traditional Thanksgiving get-togethers are a real cause for concern.

He did acknowledge that traditional Thanksgiving dinner is important, but said precautions needed to be taken. He went on to suggest that families could take temperatures upon arrival, wear masks when finished eating, wash their hands often and take other precautions to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Some people are finding themselves canceling family plans, and altering their Thanksgiving traditions in order to opt for a safer encironment. Others, it seems, have decided to go about with their normal traditional family dinners even with multiple warnings in place.

The News Tribune took to social media to ask our readers: How do you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving during this time of COVID-19.

Teffany Bridges-Jones said they were not having family over this year, because COVID is so bad. She said her concern was that her mom is at high risk and she wants to keep her as safe as possible.

Terry Shipe said they were sheltering in place this year. He said they will miss the family gathering, but hoped by doing so they will all make it to the next one.

Sue Robertson also said they will be missing this year’s family dinner. She said with her mother being in her 80s, “We do not want to be around many people.”

Lina McDOnald shared the sentiment of  many others when she said they are having a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home alone this year.

Yet not everyone plans on skipping the family gatherings this year. Some addressed concerns, but decided that turkey day must go on.

Angela Evvertt said “I am hesitant to do so but will be spending Thanksgiving with family as usual.’

Paula Yost said they were planning a family gathering with her mother, her children and her grand babies.

Breanna Shoemaker says they will also be spending their Thanksgiving with family as usual.

Patricia Crites says she plans on having a family Thanksgiving dinner. ?My kids and grandkids will be enjoying lots of good food, lots of dessert. Thanking God for another Thanksgiving with my family,” she said.

Even as our area sees record highs in the number of COVID cases and the county has stayed daily in the red on the West Virginia DHHR map, many residents are finding this a time to embrace family rather than avoid them. Some have addressed the concern that with COVID now more than ever families need to be together. One even said, “ I feel the risk is worth getting as many holidays as I can with my elderly parents.”

No matter how you plan to spend your Thanksgiving holidays, people are urged to do it carefully and by taking as much precautions as you can.

Wearing your masks, washing hands frequently, staying socially distanced when possible, and eating lots of turkey will make for a great holiday.