COVID-19 outbreak continues at Piney Valley, cases continue to skyrocket

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Liz Beavers

Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - Mineral County’s active COVID-19 cases continued to climb over the weekend, including an additional 18 residents at the Piney Valley Nursing Home, bringing the total at that facility thus far to 27 residents and 10 employees.

Outbreaks were also reported at the Burlington United Methodist Family Services in Burlington, where an employee and a resident have tested positive, and at Sycamore Run in Fort Ashby, where two employees and one resident tested positive. Additional testing is being provided for all employees and residents at Piney Valley, BUMFS and Sycamore Run.

In addition, two businesses - Hoover’s Bar & Grill of Keyser and Sammie’s in Piedmont - were closed for contact tracing and cleaning due to positive results.

At Hoover’s, where two employees tested positive, the time frame in question was Oct. 30 through Nov. 13, and Mineral County Health Department administrator A.Jay Root advises that anyone who visited the establishment during that time might have come in contact with a positive case.

At Sammie’s, one employee tested positive, and the time frame in question was Nov. 7 through Nov. 9.

“The purpose of this alert is prevantative as well as informative,” Root said in a release. “If you develop symptoms, have concerns, or feel you need to be tested, you may contact the Mineral County Health Department at 304-788-1321 or your local provider.”

Mineral County also continues to offer free community testing this week at the Mineral County Technical Center and Mineral County Fairgrounds in Fort Ashby.

As of Sunday, Mineral County had 261 currently active COVID-19 cases.

Again, Root reminds the public to take all precautions possible to help reduce the spread of this virus.

“Wearing masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing/sanitizing are the best ways to keep the numbers low,” he said. “Wearing a mask protects those around you. Social distancing limits the chances of COVID-19 droplets from spreading from one individual to another. Hand washing and sanitizing as well as not touching the mouth, eyes or nose helps eliminate or reduce self-contamination.”

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