Resident talks to county commission about possible recycling program

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Liz Beavers

Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - A Mineral County resident with experience managing a recycling program in a Fortune 500 company approached the county commissioners Tuesday about starting a program in the county.

Frank Fox, who said he was instrumental in saving various companies a lot of money with their recycling programs, told the commissioners he has been talking with various persons in the area who are interested in assisting with offering recycling to Mineral County residents.

Although he admits the program would have to start small, he suggested it could eventually grow to include recycling paper products, plastics, metals, and glass.

“It comes down to, what would be the easiest to start with?” he said, adding “I’d like to make a recommendation that we start with paper products.”

A location for collection bins would have to be established, and they would have to be emptied often to avoid people overfilling them and the material collecting on the ground around the bin.

The second component to the program would be where to take the materials, he said, noting that the ideal situation is to have someplace local to take cardboard, for example, where it could be baled and prepared for delivery to the landfill.

It’s cheaper, he explained, to transport one truckload of baled cardboard as opposed to several loads of loose cardboard.

“Movement costs money, which is what we want to minimize,” he said.

The third component is management. Fox said the program would have to be monitored, from the point where the public brings the material, to minimize abuse of the program, to the transportation and dumping, to minimize the cost.

Fox said he realizes not every resident will participate in recycling and some may even try to sabotage the program.

County commissioner Jerry Whisner said, however, he believes it is “the mindset of most people that they want to do this; they don’t want to see this (material) sitting along the road.

“But it also has to be convenient for them or they won’t do it,” he said.

Fox told the commissioners he would keep them updated on his progress as he contacts additional key players in order to get started.