Mineral County Commission approves raise, title for administrative assistant

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Liz Beavers


Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - After announcing in August that they were going to “hold off” on hiring a new county coordinator, the Mineral County Commissioners on Wednesday approved a pay raise for the current administrative assistant who has assumed a lot of the coordinator’s duties.

The county coordinator position has been vacant since July 30 when the commissioners informed Drew Brubaker that things were not working out with him.

“The administrative assistant has been taking on many more responsibilities since then,” commissioner Richard Lechiter said Tuesday. “We’ve found that there are many things done by the coordinator that she’s been able to handle.”

Lechliter said the pay raise of $3,600 per year comes with an updated title - administrative specialist.

He made the motion to take the actions, and Jerry Whisner seconded it. The motion passed 3-0.

When the commissioners announced in August that they had decided to hold off on hiring a coordinator, Lechliter admitted that they were looking at adjusting some of the duties and that the position might l”ook different” in the future.

Saying the current custodial staff was “another area we’ve been re-evaluating,” Lechliter went on to make a motion to establish a custodial supervisor position, which would come with a $1,800 increase per year.

Whisner also seconded that, and it passed 3-0.

Lechliter said the custodial staff has experienced an increase in responsibilities with the addition of the Judicial Annex and other issues.