Elk Garden back to drawing board on paving issues

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Ronda Wertman

Tribune Correspondent

ELK GARDEN – With paving bids coming in higher than anticipated and no word on grant funding, the Elk Garden mayor and council are back to the drawing board.

In recent years, the town has done patching, but was hoping to complete a street this year.

Restoration work on the town hall from water damage last fall has come to a halt as the council is taking a closer look at the estimate from ServPro. The mold damage has been removed, but it’s unclear where the project and funding go from here.

In other business, the town has hired a part-time volunteer police officer, Dakota Speirs, noting that this was a requirement of the Department of Justice grant that the town received.

Grant applications are pending for a police car. The town hopes to receive the results of the application in October with the idea of going through Homeland Security, if a grant is not awarded.

The Crown Victoria is going to be placed up for bids with the several pieces of additional equipment being sold separately.

The town was unsuccessful in its bid for a US Department of Agriculture grant for a garage building to store the town equipment.

It was noted that the application was not denied, but that funding ran out before it could be awarded.

On a final note, it was announced that the no parking sign placed on Walnut Street by a resident cannot be enforced by the police.