Keyser city administrator will be part time position

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Liz Beavers

Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - The Keyser City Council voted 4-1 recently to reduce the city administrator to a part-time position with fewer duties due to a reorganization of the city office staff.

Keyser has been without an administrator since Aug. 12, when the council split its vote 2-3 and therefore denied mayor Damon Tillman’s reappointment of Amanda Brafford.

During a work session held Sept. 3, the council members discussed whether Keyser even needed a full-time administrator, since they wanted to reorganize the office to promote Bonnie Hannas to officer manager. In that new position, Hannas would oversee the employees in the office, leaving the administrator to “focus on financials,” according to council member Jennifer Junkins.

Council member Billy Meek disagreed, referring to former city administrator Buck Eagle’s comments during the Aug. 26 council meeting that the job of city administrator “is not just to conduct the business of the city, which is a daunting task in itself … but there are also a lot of things that have to be done to move the city forward.”

On Sept. 9, Junkins made the motion to advertise for the position as part time, and Him Hannas seconded it. The council voted 4-1, with Meek being the lone vote against.

In the related matter, Junkins made the motion to reorganize the city office employees, which included moving Bonnie Hannas to office manager, and William Zacot seconded it. The vote was 3-0, with Jim Hannas recusing himself from the discussion and vote, and Meek again casting the lone “no” vote.

According to Junkins, the reorganization includes pay increases for four of the office employees. The increases will become effective with the Oct. 15 pay.