Carpendale addressing trees, streets

Staff Writer
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Ronda Wertman

Tribune Correspondent

CARPENDALE – One of the trees identified as a concern by the Carpendale council came down in the recent storm, emphasizing the need for tree removal.

Commissioner Rev. Ken Hamilton reported that the tree at the water tank fell and the once the leaves are off the trees they must be addressed.

In other news, with a limited budget this year, Carpendale is not going to be able to complete its annual street paving.

Commissioner Virgil O’Neal updated the council that cold patch was used to fill six potholes.

“This is about as far as what we can do on the roads now,” he said.

O’Neal asked residents with storm drains on or through their property to help the town when possible by keeping the area trimmed and clean.

“We’re working on getting them cleaned out,” said mayor Diane Baker.

The council passed its second and third readings of its parking and fireworks ordinances.

The parking ordinance addresses parking and vehicle registrations.

General parking violations are subject to a $50 fine and possible towing. These include double parking, blocking alleys or parking too close to corners or driveways.

Also prohibited are storing cars and utility, house and boat trailers on the street unless they are in the process of being loaded or unloaded.

Commercial vehicles such as tractor trailers and any vehicles larger than a pick-up truck or standard van are also prohibited along with disabled, junk or scrap vehicles.

Another violation within one year is subject to a $100 fine.

The ordinance also targets those who have not secured West Virginia registration after 30 days of residency. Those violating this ordinance are subject to a $50 and not more than $100 fine and second offenses can cost $150 to $250.

In the fireworks ordinance, the use of sparklers, which make no noise are permitted at any time, unless otherwise specified such as by the West Virginian State Fire Marshall’s Office due to dry or unsafe conditions.

All fireworks must be “consumer fireworks” as the use of homemade or commercial blasting agents is prohibited.

Under the provisions, fireworks producing sound or blast are only permitted on July 3 and 5 until 10 p.m., July 4 and Dec. 31 until 12 midnight and on Jan. 1 till 12:30 a.m.

Those wishing to utilize fireworks for other special occasions must request a one-day permit at least one week in advance from the town. Written approval must be granted prior to igniting the pyrotechnics.

On a final note, the council is accepting donations of candy for the annual Halloween observance with the date and time to be announced.