Carpendale feeling the strain of COVID cuts

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Ronda Wertman

Tribune Correspondent

CARPENDALE -- A reduction in revenue due to COVID-19 restrictions is taking its toll on Carpendale’s streets.

Traditionally the town tries to complete paving each fall using money from the budget, but this year will be the exception.

“We have no money to work on our streets, looks like we will have no money for the rest of the year,” said street commissioner Virgil O’Neal. “We’ll have to work with what we’ve got.”

“We’ve lost so much with casino revenue with COVID-19,” said mayor Diane Baker of the general fund, noting that the balance is hoped to improve with tax revenue.

Another need for revenue is trees that need removed in the area of the water tower. Commissioner Butch Armentrout noted that estimates will also be received for trees, which could fall on homes.

Water and sewer commissioner Rev. Ken Hamilton noted that there is also concern for the 15 outstanding water bills, including one with a $900 balance.

In old business, Baker announced that the town would not be receiving the money that it applied for to cover expenses for the water outage when the pump and motor had to be replaced in January.

The repairs cost $41,000 and it was hoped that a Rural Water Association grant would help to offset these costs.

“It didn’t go all the way through and get to the governor’s desk,” said Baker, adding that the town can reapply in February 2021.

She announced that the ballfield has been cut and trimmed.

“I want to have it there for the kids,” said Baker, expressing concern that if the town doesn’t keep the property up that Potomac Edison may take it back.

On a final note, the council held its first reading of the ordinance to address parking and vehicle registrations.

General parking violations are subject to a $50 fine and possible towing. These include double parking, blocking alleys or parking too close to corners or driveways.

Also prohibited are storing cars and utility, house and boat trailers on the street unless they are in the process of being loaded or unloaded.

Commercial vehicles such as tractor trailers and any vehicles larger than a pick-up truck or standard van are also prohibited along with disabled, junk or scrap vehicles.

Another violation within one year is subject to a $100 fine.

The ordinance also targets those who have not secured West Virginia registration after 30 days of residency. Those violating this ordinance are subject to a $50 and not more than $100 fine and second offenses can cost $150 to $250.

The second reading is planned the next meeting of the council set for 6 p.m. Sept. 1 at the town hall.