Keyser mayor appoints supervisors, commissioners

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Liz Beavers

Tribune Managing Editor

KEYSER - Before the process was stopped cold by the Keyser City Council’s refusal Wednesday to approve the reappointment of the city administrator, mayor Damon Tillman was able to make several appointments which were unanimously approved by the council.

Although the supervisors and department heads remained the same, Tillman did make some changes in which department each council member would oversee within the city.

Jennifer Junkins was placed over the streets department, but will also continue working with the beautification of the city. In that capacity, she had recently started the ongoing effort to purchase banners honoring or remembering veterans connected to the city. Mayor Damon Tillman said he would like to see her continue with that project.

Mike Ryan will remain as the city’s finance commissioner, a position he has held since being appointed to the council last year.

William Zacot will remain as parks and recreation commissioner.

Newly-elected councilman Jim Hannas, who also works for the city as its streets and sewer supervisor, will serve as water commissioner.

Billy Meek will serve as commissioner over the wastewater plant and testing laboratory.

Other appointments included:

Civil Service Board: Jerry Willis, Marques Rice and David Shoemaker.

Building inspector: John Hickey.

City attorney: John Athey and Scott McClure.

City judge: Howard Barrick.

Sanitary Board: Sonny Rhodes and Charlie Junkins.

Supervisors: Water distribution - Teddy Nester; water treatment plant - Ernie Crouse; wastewater treatment plant - Matt Lupis; streets and sewer - Jim Hannas; and chief of police - Paul Sabin.

The council approved each position one-by-one, and Hannas recused himself from the vote on the streets and sewer position that he holds.