Glover to continue to serve as WVU Mountaineer mascot

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Colson Glover

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MORGANTOWN - The Mountaineer Advisory Council announced Monday that Colson Glover and Brooke Ashby will continue to serve as the West Virginia University Mountaineer mascot and alternate mascot, respectively, through 2021-22, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Glover, a junior from Lewisburg, and Ashby, a senior from Mannington, have not made in-person appearances since they officially began their duties in April due to the university’s response to the pandemic.

“COVID-19 restrictions have meant an experience that is dramatically different for both of the mascots and by extending their term we hope to offer them a chance to have a more ‘normal’ Mountaineer experience,” said Ann Berry, assistant vice president for outreach.

In 2018, the Mountaineer Advisory Council adopted a term limit of one year for the Mountaineer mascot. In accordance with the new policy and without the extension, the duo’s tenure would have ended spring 2021.

“I am beyond grateful and honored that the Mountaineer Advisory Council has allowed me to serve our state and University for an additional year as the Mountaineer mascot,” Glover said. “I've enjoyed my virtual appearances over the past four months, but when time allows, I look forward to meeting Mountaineers of all ages in person.”

Glover and Ashby are currently available for virtual appearances and in-person appearances only with special permission from the senior advisor and/or Mountaineer Advisory Council.

“Nothing will mean more to me than being able to make live appearances, but until then, I hope Mountaineer Nation is staying safe and healthy,” Glover said.

New Mountaineer mascot tryouts will resume in 2022.

For additional information, contact Sonja Wilson, senior advisor of the Mountaineer Mascot Program, at

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