Piedmont Councilman asks residents to clean up properties

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Mineral Daily News-Tribune
Mineral Daily News-Tribune

By Liz Beavers


Tribune Managing Editor

PIEDMONT - A Piedmont Council member who has long been an advocate for residents working together to clean up the town issued another plea this week for people to clean up their own properties.

He is also asking his fellow council members to consider passing an ordinance that would impose fines for people not keeping their grass cut or allowing trash to accumulate.

“The cleanliness of our community starts with you and me,” he said Wednesday, noting that if everyone would clean up his or her own property, the entire town would look better.

Coleman had originally wanted to hold a city-wide cleanup day earlier in the year, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic curtailed those plans.

Wednesday, he said the West Virginia Environmental Protection Agency has supplied the Town of Piedmont with some large garbage bags, gloves and other supplies which residents can pick up at Town Hall.

“While we’re still hunkered down with the COVID, you can get out in your own front yard or your back yard and clean up,” he said.

“It’s a serious matter, the cleanliness of this community,” he said, adding that by not taking care of one’s own property, a resident is showing great disrespect for his neighbors and for the community.

“Everybody else in the town has to sit and suffer due to their neglect,” he said. “It’s a hazard.”

Coleman also told his fellow council members he had obtained a copy of ordinances passed in Keyser and Beckley to regulate the condition of properties within the town.

He said the two cities’ ordinances had been recommended to him by the West Virginia Municipal League.

“I’m asking that by the next meeting you go over them …and we can sit down here and make a decision,” he said.

Referring to a resident in the audience who had earlier in the meeting been complaining about a neighbor’s tree potentially damaging her roof, Coleman said he felt “there’s no reason for Miss Grace to suffer because of her neighbors.”

The council members agreed to take up the issue at the next meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 19.