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Liz Beavers
Managing Editor
Liz Beavers is a 40-year veteran of community newspapers and has been serving her hometown area as managing editor of the News Tribune since returning in 2008. She calls herself a "hands-on" editor - writing stories, taking photos, managing news coverage, taking care of the office and even watering the plants to keep the local news operation in business. She began her career at the family-owned News Tribune in 1981, tapping out her stories on an old model Remington that she always said came over with the Mayflower. Since that time she has seen a lot of changes in the world of journalism - some of them coming at almost lightning speed. From typewriter to VDT to desktop to laptop and now even a cell phone, she says flexibility and willingness to learn has been the name of the game! In her career she's worked for one family and five different corporations and called five different newsrooms or offices home. Most recently, she and her co-workers engineered the last move to a new location ... only to see it closed to the public two weeks later due to COVID. Her work has been recognized by both the West Virginia Press Association and the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association, but she says her main calling is telling the stories and providing the local news that her readers want the most. In her spare time, she enjoys sitting in the shade and diving into the latest Stephen King novel, and spending time with her family, which includes her husband, son and four dogs.