The Town of Elk Garden is putting residents on notice that accumulating trash will no longer be tolerated.

By Ronda Wertman

Tribune Correspondent

ELK GARDEN – Trash will no longer be permitted to accumulate in Elk Garden under a notice issued this week by the mayor and council.

In recent months, the town has sent letters to residents to clean up their properties, giving them seven days to remedy the situation.

“They are still piling up trash,” said mayor Marian Droppleman, adding that the Department of Natural Resources can come in and write tickets.

With a letter being delivered to all residents, upon receipt there will be no more warnings issued.

“All residents in the town of Elk Garden must be made aware that you have to have trash removal service. This is the law in West Virginia,” says the letter urging residents to contact Sunrise Sanitation Service, which is the local provider.

The letter also notes that residents can take up to 500 pounds of trash free to the Thomas/Davis Landfill on the first Thursday of each month.

In other business, claims for a water leak that damaged the town hall are still pending as the town works to complete repairs to the office area for the mayor, clerk and police department.

The initial damage was reported to the Board of Risk Management (BRIM) in October and while an adjuster viewed the damage in December, it was late April before the claim was submitted to BRIM for the water and mold, which damaged the floors and the walls.