CUMBERLAND - The Frankfort boys and girls bowling squads continue to have a strong 2017-18 campaign. The Frankfort boys (7-4) sit in 2nd place just behind Southern while the Falcon girls (9-2) also sit in 2nd place just a shade behind Fort Hill in the Adjusted Division.

The Allegany County Inter-Scholastic Bowling League saw the first place Allegany boys (9-0) travel to Oakland for their match against second place Southern (8-2) in the Actual Division. Going into the third game the score was tied at 12-12. Allegany boys took the first three games in Actual plus the team Actual points to win 22-14.  In this match, Southern’s Anthony Lucas rolled the highest series in the League with a 702 (225-255-222). Other high games rolled over 200 were Allegany’s Andrew Whetzel (203) and Zack Tusing (S) with a 209.
Southern’s girls (11-1) maintain their hold on first place over Hampshire (7-1) by taking the Allegany’s match by the score of 30-6.  Sydney Sisler  had the high game for Southern with a 180 but Caitlyn Uhl (AL) rolled the highest game of the match with a 202 game.
Also last week, Allegany boys defeated Keyser 27-9 with Chris Palasik (226, 205), Ryan Brobst (215), and Corey Mckenzie (208) rolling high games for their team. Keyser’s Josh Brinkman had a 209 game.  Frankfort boys fell to Southern 30-6 in Actual and tied 18-18 Adjusted.  Kris Tusing (S) had 209 game while teammate Anthony Lucas had 237 game.  Blake Rhodes (FR) had high game for team at 170.
Other matches last week had Keyser (9.5-3.5) rebounding with wins over Bishop Walsh  (0-9) and Calvary Christian (.5-10.5) by scores of 32-4.  In those matches high games rolled were by Cole Jordan 206 (K), Josh Brinkman 269 (K) and Peter Kesar 187 (BW).
Fort Hill (3.5-6.5) got into the win column by winning 26-10 over Calvary Christian.  Frankfort (7.5-3.5) also took their match against Bishop Walsh 30-6.  Caleb Christer 154 (CC), Jaryd Williams 199 (FH), Liam Schwab 178 (BW), and Frankfort’s Seth Evans 200 and Darren Taylor 201 had high games.
The Southern girls rolled past Frankfort ((5.5-5.5) 30-6 with Tearanie Baker with a 175 game and a 179 game from Cheyanne Cole from Frankfort.
Calvary Christian (4.5-6.5) had a 164 game from Haylee Clark and 162 game from Macy epperly to defeat Fort Hill (8-2).  Continuing their winning ways, the team then defeated Keyser (4-9) by score of 26-10.  Brittany Roach (CC) had a 168 game while Emily Hickle had a 127 game.
Keyser rebounded with a win over Allegany (3-7) 24-12. Ashleigh Burgess (K) had a 154 game while Kiersten Shirey (AL) had a 146 game.        
The Girls Adjusted Division had Fort Hill (8.5-1.5) losing to Calvary Christian 28-8 while second place Frankfort (9-2) took their match against Southern 22-14.  Other matches had Allegany beating Southern 28-8 but losing to Keyser 28-8.  Keyser also lost to Calvary Christian 26-10.
Southern boys(8.5-3.5) have maintain their first place in the Adjusted by a win over Allegany 32-4 and toeing Frankfort 18-18 who is in second place at 7-4.  Frankfort rolled over Bishop Walsh 30-6 while Calvary Christian (6-5) defeated Fort Hill (5.5-4.5) 24-12 but lost to Keyser 24-12 at 6-7 record.  Keyser gained another win over Bishop Walsh 29-7 but lost to Allegany ((3-7) 21-15.
Do you know the difference in scoring between the Actual Division and the Adjusted Division? Here is a breakdown of the point scoring systems used by the Allegany County Inter-Scholastic Bowling League.
MATCH WINNERS: Will be determined by points. Points are won by individual bowlers (2 per game) and by the team as a whole (4 per game) for a total of 12 points each game and 36 points each match. The team winning the highest number of points is the winner.
ACTUAL SCORE: The player bowling a higher score than her/her opponent wins 2 points. In a tie, each player gets 1 point. With four bowlers in each game there are 8 individual points to be won per game. The scores of the four bowlers added together is the team score. Four (4) points are won by the team with highest total. In a tie, each team gets 2 points.
ADJUSTED SCORE: The player bowling the most pins over their average, or comes closest to their average against his/her opponent wins 2 points. Ties are 1 point each. The team score exceeding the team average by the greatest number of pins or coming closest to their average wins 4 points. Ties are 2 points each.
LINEUPS: The home team posts its lineup first, lowest to highest. The visiting team then posts its lineup, matching competing bowlers as closely as possible according to average.
When substitutions are made, the lineups are adjusted again lowest to highest average unless it is an emergency mid-game change.

Allegany Co. Interscholastic Standings - 01/26/18
Boys                               Girls                                        
Allegany    10-0               Southern    11-1
Southern    9-3                Hampshire    7-1
Keyser        9.5-3.5          Fort Hill    8-2
Frankfort    7.5-3.5           Frankfort    5.5-5.5
Mountain Ridge    4-6        Mountain Ridge    4-6
Hampshire    3-5               Cal. Christian    4.5-6.5
Fort Hill     3.5-6.5            Keyser        4-8
Cal. Christian    .5-10.5     Allegany    3-8
Bishop Walsh    0-9           Bishop Walsh    0-9

Boys                                   Girls                                          
Southern    8.5-3.5              Fort Hill    8.5-1.5
Frankfort    7-4                    Frankfort    9-2
Hampshire    4.5-3.5            Mountain Ridge    7-3
Fort Hill    5.5-4.5                Southern    7.5-4.5
Mountain Ridge    5.5-4.5     Hampshire    4-4
Cal. Christian    6-5              Cal. Christian    5.5-5.5
Keyser        6-7                    Keyser        3.5-9.5
Allegany     3-7                    Allegany    2-8
Bishop Walsh    0-9              Bishop Walsh    0-9