MOOREFIELD, W.Va. - It was opening night on the gridiron across the state of West Virginia, and the battle in Hardy County featured in state foes the Frankfort Falcons and the Moorefield Yellow Jackets. The Falcons landed in the hive at Yellow Jacket Field and flew away with a 47-7 victory.

1st Quarter
Frankfort received the opening kickoff, returned by Nick Corwell 40 yards to their own 42. Frankfort went 3 and out on their 1st possession. Moorefield, after fumbling the punt retained possession at their own 30. Moorefield’s first possession, primarily from the Shotgun put together a 14 play drive, at 4:26 left in the 1st Quarter the drive was capped off with a 1 yard touchdown pass from Brent Moran to Roger Myers, PAT good.
On Frankfort’s 2nd possession, the Falcons attempted to pound the ball at Moorefields interior line and came up unsuccessful, going 3 and out again and punted the ball away.
Moorefield, starting at their own 20, could not stop the pressure from the Falcons interior line, punting the ball away after a 3 and out.
2nd Quarter
Looking to get some offense going, Frankfort’s third possession starting from their own 35, continued the ground and pound gameplan, but again they came up unsuccessful and punted the ball away after just 3 plays.
Moorefield, taking possession after the Frankfort punt, started at their own 45, once again the Yellow Jackets failed to hold off the pressure from the Falcons front 7, going 3 and out, and punted the ball away.
Frankfort, took possession at their own 25, looking to finally get some offensive momentum going in the middle of the 2nd quarter, but failed to do so once again.  
The momentum of the game took a turn when Moorefield muffed the punt and Frankfort recovered the fumble gaining possession at Moorefields 25 yard line.
The Falcons, with the best field position of the night, was aided by a defensive pass interference call giving them even better field position. The Falcons got on the scoreboard with a 3 yard run by #21 Jonathan Beachy, but the PAT was blocked, at 7:42 left in the 2nd Quarter, the score 7-6 Moorefield.
After the Falcon touchdown, the Frankfort defense held strong, forced a 3 and out after an offensive holding call moved the Yellow Jackets in the wrong direction.
An incredible 71 yard punt by Moorefield’s Atikilt Tamiru, pinned Frankfort inside their own 10 yard line. On the first play of the series, RB Jon Beachy took the carry off left tackle, broke a few tackles, and exploded down the left sidelines for a 91 yard Touchdown.  The 2-point conversion was good making the score 14-7 with 5:03 left in the 2nd Quarter.
Moorefield’s next possession, started at their own 30, but once again they could not get their offense going, forced to punt the ball away after a 3 and out.
Frankfort, looking to build off their momentum after a couple scores, got on the board again with Wyatt Yates connecting with #4 J.J. Blank down the left side for a 45 yard touchdown. The 2-point conversion was no good, with 2:01 left in the 2nd Quarter, the Falcons led 20-7.
Moorefield, looked to get a score on the board before the half, was intercepted at the line of scrimmage by #6 Logan Crock and returned 55 yards for another Falcon touchdown. 2-point conversion was good making the score 28-7 Frankfort with 1:18 remaining in the half.
Moorefield, aided by a Falcon squib kick that was returned to mid-field, started with great field position. However they hurt themselves with penalties before the drive stalled out ending the 1st half. Halftime score Frankfort 28-Moorefield 7
3rd Quarter
Moorefield received the second half kickoff, but still could not get anything going..
On the Falcons first possession of the second half, the Yellow Jacket defense stepped up the pressure, forcing a 3 and out and a punt.Moorefield, desperately needed to put together a point scoring drive, but failed to take advantage of a roughing the passer penalty, and once again punted the ball away.
Starting at their own 15, Frankfort still continued to ground and pound and put together a strong drive, with :54 left in the 3rd quarter running back Dalton Pollock took the carry off tackle for a 10 yard touchdown run.  Extra point good, Frankfort 35-Moorefield 7
4th Quarter
Moorefield, tried to finally get some offense going, but the Falcon defense forced them to try a 4th down attempt, and the Yellow Jackets failed to convert.
Frankfort, took over with excellent field position after the turnover on downs, but the possession stalled after a failed 4th down attempt of their own.
The Yellow Jackets showed signs of life, and started to put together an offensive drive, however that came to a halt after Moorefield fumbled, which was recovered by Frankfort. The Falcons made quick work of the next drive, RB #23 Nick Marley TD, PAT no good. Final score, Frankfort 47-Moorefield 7. Next Up: East Hardy in Short Gap.