FORT ASHBY - John M. Domenic recently presented a 1700-era Colonial Flintlock Fowler Gun and a powder horn to the collection at the Ashby’s Fort Museum in Fort Ashby.

David Frederick, board member, arranged the donation from Domenic, and Tom Pyles, board chairman, accepted the donation.

Domenic’s written gun description states: "The smoothbore Flintlock Fowler was the most common gun on the early Colonial American Frontier. It can be loaded in three different ways. You could load it with small buckshot or a single round ball. The third way was called "buck and ball." This consisted of a large round ball and six to eight small buckshot."

The powder horn was an essential accessory to the gun.

The Friends of Ashby’s Fort are honored to accept these valuable artifacts! Unfortunately, due to the current COVID 19 pandemic, the fort museum is not open for visitors. However, the grounds are open and new informational plaques are in place which describe fort life.