By Ronda Wertman

Tribune Correspondent

CARPENDALE -- Visitors to Carpendale’s Knobley Tunnel Trail are urged to use caution while in the tunnel and rails to trails area.

"Don’t let children or teens in the tunnel unattended. There are some strange things that are occurring," said resident Janet Mickey as the town council met this week.

Mickey noted that the police were called for an incident where a teen was approached while in the tunnel.

Residents also expressed concern for those living/camping in the woods on the Maryland side of the tunnel.

"We do send our policemen over their periodically," said councilman Butch Armentrout, noting that the town will continue to look into what can be done.

The land is believed to be owned by the West Virginia Department of Highways and Potomac Edison.

Armentrout noted that the Department of Highways has been notified and that police officers have run checks on some of those found in the area and picked them up on warrants.

He noted that the Department of Natural Resources has also worked to remove those congregating, but that those camping in the woods and leaving behind trash are outside the town property.