By Ronda Wertman

Tribune Correspondent

RIDGELEY – Officials say communication is key going forward as Ridgeley and Carpendale prepare to renew their agreement for police coverage prior to the June 30 deadline.

Ridgeley mayor Mark Jones reported to the council that he has spoken with both Carpendale mayor Casey Lambert and Diane Baker, who is unopposed on the June 9 ballot to fill the mayor’s seat.

“They want better communication from us and the police department,” said Jones, noting the possibilities of Ridgeley representatives attending the Carpendale town meetings.

The contract for Ridgeley police officers patrolling in Carpendale began July 1, 2008 and since that time the towns have had continuous renewals of the agreement, but with a new mayor and council set to take office in July in Carpendale, officials are looking for some clarification.

Baker attended the recent Ridgeley council meeting and is seeking information on how the fines, remittance fees and court costs are allocated for tickets written in Carpendale.

Carpendale initially was looking for half of the court costs, but when Ridgeley clerk Jennifer Amtower explained that Carpendale already receives the full ticket fee and the remittance fee, Baker agreed that the council would take a closer look before requesting half of the $25 court cost.

With the council not meeting in April due to COVID-19, Jones presented the police report for March 1 to May 12.

Officers conducted 67 traffic stops and responded to 14 complaints, including three suspicious persons, three traffic complaints, two kids in the street along with one theft, noise complaint, domestic call, disturbance, breaking and entering of an unoccupied building and one business open during COVID-19.

Officers assisted emergency medical services on two calls and assisted the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department and West Virginia State Police on calls for a stolen vehicle, domestic and a motor vehicle accident.