KEYSER - Adam Iser, a 2020 senior at Keyser High School, chose to construct a metal fire ring to be used for 4-H camp at Camp Minco for his senior project.

For the News Tribune

KEYSER - Adam Iser, a 2020 senior at Keyser High School, chose to construct a metal fire ring to be used for 4-H camp at Camp Minco for his senior project.

This project is a follow-up to the construction of the new Council Circle which was built last year as part of Candra Del Signore’s senior project. Adam’s love of 4-H and his new-found welding talent, led him to choose this project.

Adam has been a member of the Klover Krusaders 4-H club since he was able to be in the Cloverbuds at age 5. He has attended 4-H camp at Camp Minco since he was 9.

“Last year when I was chief of the Seneca tribe, I sat at the new ‘Council Circle’ and realized that a nice metal fire ring with the tribal emblems would complete the great job by the Del Signore family,” says Iser. “I was able to combine my love of 4-H camp and welding to design and make a really nice fire ring to use for many years.”

“Adam’s fire ring is truly a work of art that will last for generations,” says Margaret Miltenberger, WVU Extension 4-H agent. “Council Circle and the campfire program is often the highlight of the week for campers.”

Adam began welding in high school as part of his Ag Mechanics course with the Mineral County Technical Center (MCTC). He quickly found that he had a great talent and that with practice, perseverance and his drive for perfection in his work, he could achieve great things. He started taking welding classes at MCTC in his junior year and will be a completer in the welding program when he graduates this spring.

Adam is still undecided on his career path. He is leaning toward becoming a large equipment operator. He has thought about continuing his technical education in welding, but worries that if welding is what he does day after day, then he could lose his passion. Adam hopes to one day own a small welding shop where he can tinker around on small projects.

His biggest regrets about school closing early this year were the cancellations of the 2020 Skills USA competitions, the 2020 WV Beef Expo judging competition and the welding projects planned with the MCTC. The welding project plans included a 12’ tall snowman for the city of Keyser.

As a 4-H member Adam has given extensive service with his local Burlington club. In 2018 Adam served as Junior Camp Counselor helping to teach classes and lead activities for the younger 4-H members. In 2019 he received the “I Dare You” 4-H Award which challenges a young person to go beyond the expectations they have of themselves today.

Adam served this past year as the Mineral County FFA president, giving extensive time and service to leading the program. He has achieved great success with FFA judging teams. During 2019 Adam was the first place winner in the state and national Wildlife Habit Educational Program; the first place winning team (third individual) in the West Virginia Beef Expo competition, the first place winner in the State FFA Meat Evaluation Team and the Silver Medal Recipient at the national level; and the second place winner in the State FFA Ag Mechanics competition.

For more information on the 4-H program, contact the WVU Mineral County Extension Service at 304-788-3621 and visit the Facebook page. WVU 4-H programs are open to all youths.