Auditor tells Elk Garden officials they must explain money they saved.

By Ronda Wertman

Tribune Correspondent

ELK GARDEN – Saving money in recent years for street paving and a maintenance building, the town of Elk Garden now has to explain its savings to the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office.

Receiving conditional approval of the levy estimated budget for 2020-2021, the auditor noted that audit costs also need to be included in the budget and questioned the town’s balance.

“What they are telling us is we’ve got too much money,” said Elk Garden mayor Marian Droppleman.

The town voted this week to inform the state of its plans for the money, which could include up to 4,900 linear feet of paving and funds toward a 40X60 building.

Before paving can be completed there are several culverts in town which need to be replaced.

In recent years the town has priced buildings and both the building and the blacktopping are contingent upon approval of pending grant applications.

The town did receive a $1,000 Walmart grant for the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The town purchased 1,000 gloves and received a gallon of hand sanitizer from homeland security, but due to availability has been unable to secure any masks.