I have to say I love the warmer days, and I despise the cold ones. As we head further into spring and the days get longer and warmer, a smile comes to my face.

I have to say I love the warmer days, and I despise the cold ones. As we head further into spring and the days get longer and warmer, a smile comes to my face.
Spring always brings extra work for me outside; cleaning up leaves and tree branches that have fallen. I enjoy it (the raking, not so much lol.)
With spring also comes mushroom hunting and I enjoyed that yesterday. Now I give almost everything I find away. For me it’s about getting out and walking in the woods - something that I have always enjoyed. The sounds, the smells and all that comes with it. It is so peaceful.
Do you want to find yourself? Then get lost in the woods, I always say.
I got to walk by the streambeds and listen to the sound of water. Finding a mushroom here and there was an extra bonus.
Those little morels are not always easy to find.There is no rhyme or reason sometimes for where they grow. Yes, some tress and areas are better and etc. Yet there is a place you will be certain they will be and not one will you find there.
I was blessed yesterday.
Morel hunting is only one of my favorite things to do in spring. We walked and found turkey feathers we are going to use for crafts. We got to see turtles and all kinds of cool rocks.
I love the promise of new things. Flowers are just starting to grow. Trees are just starting to bud. Grass is just stating to turn green. It is the beginning of something wonderful. That is how I have always felt.
When the danger of frost is gone, planting will begin. The air has a specific smell about it right now. I am not sure I can explain it. It just smells new. As fall smells like a closing season to me, spring is always that refreshing beginning smell.
Right now we’re all doing this safer at home, and I think it gives us time to enjoy it more if we just slow down and clear our minds a little.
I know it is hard with all that is going on and the uncertainty of it all. Yet do not let it take away from or distract you from this amazing rebirth that is going on outside. Get out and look at what nature is showing you.
Take a walk and explore the beauty. Take your kids and practice recognizing trees or plants. There is so much you can do. Take those fallen limbs of trees and gather them for a little fire. Roast some hotdogs and talk and reconnect. Make some S’mores and talk to your family. There is a lot on the minds of little ones right now. Listen to them…
Spring is perfect family time. We are normally tired of being cooped up all winter, and now we are really feeling cooped up. So it is a chance to enjoy nature with your family.
Right now we all should be enjoying our families.
Just like spring is a promise of better things, remember it is the same with this virus. It may be difficult right now, but better days are coming. It won’t last forever and the day will come when we will feel normal again. When that day comes, my prayer is that you will come out of it stronger as a family.
I also hope we come out of it feeling blessed and more grateful. We are usually so busy that we are going so fast in life that we never take the time to see the small beautiful things that surround us. We often miss the little things that make life so great. We simply are busy and moving too fast.
I certainly hope this virus slowed us down enough that we can see the beauty in life and one another.
That we take a second to enjoy that new fresh air, that little tree budding and the flower that is ready to bloom. Don’t miss it, because life is too short
Just saying….
* * ***
 I had someone once tell me in my youth that I needed to slow down; that I was missing so much. I didn’t understand until I grew older. I wrote this from what I learned.

Slow Down, No time to waste
As I would always rush along heading here or there,
Always in a hurry, but really going no where,
You told me not to hurry, you said, Barb, take it slow.
Now as I sit and ponder, there is so much I didn’t know.
To stop more often to talk, instead of speeding by,
Forgetting my days were numbered, no time to even say hi.
Things you took for granted, a nice chat with a neighbor or friend,
Even watching my children play and laugh, these things I missed in the end.
“Don’t be in such a hurry child,” I still can hear you say.
Oh what I would give to go back and relive just one of those days.
Rushing from one thing or another, I tired to outrun my life,
Trying to stay ahead of all my troubles and strife.
In doing this I missed all the blessings God had given me,
The big ones and small ones alike, I was moving to fast to see.
I moved past family and friends and all the ones that I love,
They were my greatest gifts of all, straight from heaven above.
 The sight of neighborhood flowers blooming or feeling my children’s kiss,
Now as I sit here and cry, these are just a few of the things that I miss.
I hope you will remember that life was not meant for speed,
Take your time and enjoy it, friends I beg you please take heed.
If not you will only have blurs for memories, because you went too fast.
When you reach your end you will only have regrets from your past.
Never take anything for granted, no matter if it seems small,
Cause you never know when, my friend, your number will be called.
Tomorrow is never promised, so remember as you go,
Never rush, enjoy your life, and always take it slow.

Barbara High is an award-winning staff writer/photographer for the News Tribune and can be reached at bhigh@newstribune.info.