As life as we have known it has changed during this pandemic, I was a little concerned about how the Easter holiday would feel.

As life as we have known it has changed during this pandemic, I was a little concerned about how the Easter holiday would feel.
I usually go to my mother’s for Easter dinner, along with my siblings. Easter egg hunts with the little ones. Great food and family fun all around.
But this year that was not an option. This pandemic has changed our lifestyles and our family dynamics.
This year, I decided it would be a year to grill out with just my family at home. So I made sure to have everything I needed.
The thought of not being with my little nieces and nephews hit me pretty hard, so I had to come with a plan for that. I also wanted my little family to have a chance for some good memories for their first Easter alone…so I started thinking of some options. I was determined to make this a great holiday.
I was up late preparing, so I started the day out tired. Some RevitalU and French vanilla cappuccino made that a little better. I hid the kids’s Easter basket. Yes, I give even the adult kids Easter baskets. I hid Jasper’s basket and his first little egg hunt.
I then headed down the road to my sister’s house. Now I told you that the idea of not seeing my little nieces and nephews hurt my heart. So I had prepared an Easter egg hunt for them, along with some extra little surprises. I called my sister and told her to stay inside and mind her own that I am in the yard and to keep the kids from seeing out the windows. My sister, of course, obliged.
I laid out candy on their sidewalks leading up to some little toys, and hid their eggs though the yard - all unbeknownst to them as they ate their breakfast oblivious to the action outside.
I then went and hid in the gazebo and called them and told them that they needed to get their jackets and head outside. From a safe distance I got to watch the little ones search for the eggs with sheer excitement that only a child can have. I could hear the tiny ones talking about how much they love Aunt Barbie and at this point I am in tears in the gazebo. Okay, first part done, now on to the next part of the day.
I returned home to my own little family and I went in and made breakfast and woke everyone up.
Jasper is 7, so he was real excited! The young adults, not so much lol.
The hunt for the baskets began, and I must say I enjoy this part a little too much. Any chance I get to torture my adult kids brings a smile to my face. I laugh as they search and search for theirs. Now I usually am a little bit mean when it comes to these things.
Also I use everything in life as a learning experience… Apparently one of my kids have caught on.
My son went straight in and found his immediately! How can this be? “Easy,” he says, “you have been complaining about me putting away my clothes, so I knew it would be in one of the drawers since you figured I would see it if I ever put my clothes away.”
They are on to me and this is scary! Let's hope the other ones don’t catch on!
After the baskets had been found and candy gone through, I began my massive Easter egg hunt in the yard. The front yard for Jasper and the rest for the big kids. Again, I am mean and do not take it easy on them. I hid almost 200 eggs and I knew they would play along because there is money in some of these eggs. Not to mention several prize eggs!
I don’t take it easy on them; I make it interesting. Even Jasper does not escape my wrath on this one! As a mom, I live for moments like these!
Now needless to say there is probably about 12 eggs still unaccounted for. Even I can’t remember where I hid them. I have had this problem many times over the years, only for them to be found a year or two later during mowing or weed eating. You will come across an old faded and weathered egg. We open to see a dollar or some old-as-can-be candy inside.
 Now I can’t be the only one this happens to lol! If it sounds crazy to you, then you don’t understand. You see, if you are climbing trees or need a shovel to hide eggs, then you know you’re doing extreme egg hunts properly!
After the fun of this is over, we break out the games and balls that Jasper got for Easter and begin some family time. I then start the grill for our cookout, and if you know me, this is going to be interesting. Nobody lets me grill; everyone always grills for me. So now my family is at the mercy of my grilling.
Apparently my immediate family wasn’t the only ones worried about the kids eating my grilling. This is the time my mother calls and lets me know that she just can’t stand the thought of me and the kids not getting a proper Easter dinner. This translates to “I am scared for the kids to eat anything you try and cook over fire!”
So now I have to go to my mom’s, where she has prepared and packaged food and left outside for pick up. When I say food, this is what I mean - ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, strawberries, apples, grapes, cup cakes, and brownies.
You have got to love mothers!!
So now we’re set with too much food, and yes by the way, my grilling turned out just fine.
We then set off to do some riding in the woods and some exploring. We get out and walk all over the mountain as well. Jasper found a turtle and I picked lilacs for my house.
Then the storm begins to move in and we’re getting wet and laughing about it.
When we returned home, we finished the night with games. We played Connect Four and then Heads Up. It a fancy version of Charades, where it records you trying to act it out. Needless to say there were lots of laughs.
All in all, it was an amazing day! Even more amazing was I did not think of the coronavirus once during the day. I admit there has been times it dominated my mind. Yet that day it didn’t even exist as far as my thinking.
 You know, it goes to show that yes, things are hard right now. We are all kind of living cut off from the world and from some of those we love. Yet we can make each day special and enjoy what we do have in it daily. It is all about perspective.
My perspective on Easter was simple… I am alive and I am blessed. The tomb was empty and I will rejoice, not just that day… but every day.
I was surrounded by my kids and I was grateful for them and all I have. It was a great day and I pray it was the first in a long line of great days.
So keep your perspective good and your days happy. We have more control than you think.
Just sayin’….

Barbara High is an award-winning staff writer/photographer for the News Tribune and can be reached at