I can't say this is going to be my typical lighthearted, humorous column. Sadly, with the state of affairs of our great nation today, I don't have the luxury of being funny.

By Barbara High
Tribune Staff Writer
 I can’t say this is going to be my typical lighthearted, humorous column. Sadly, with the state of affairs of our great nation today, I don’t have the luxury of being funny.
Quite frankly I am mad, and scared… I don’t know which emotion I am feeling more.
So we have this virus facing us and the unknowns of it are astounding. What we do know is it’s going to be bad no matter how you look at it. The death toll, the economic fallout, and the emotional toll on Americans… the effects will be rippling.
We say stay home and flatten the curve, the Governor announces shutdowns …  yada yada … And what does it amount to? Absolutely nothing!!
Greed will not allow this nation to fight this virus, plain and simple. Truly, greed is the root of all evil, and will be the downfall of us all.
Let us look at “essential” businesses; apparently everything falls under the category of essential businesses these days. God forbid us Americans want cabinets to redo our kitchens at this time. Oh, and let us not forget that we may need a new desk or a designer purse. Hey, now that we are all at home, we may reorganize our closets and we will need stuff for that!
Are you serious?
A company claims they sell desks in our area and that makes them essential, yet if you go in their business you may find three desks total. Oh, but someone my need that desk they sell for their home office, since many are working from home. For goodness sakes people, put your laptop on your kitchen table where I have mine right now.
Corporations don’t care about their employees, they care about that almighty dollar and they will make it at the deaths of thousands! You won’t see them on that line with their workers; you don’t think they would risk their lives like they would yours, do you?
I see so many excuses for businesses to be up and running. Well we make medical supplies… well is that what you’re running now? No? Then shut down. I get so many messages from employees that are scared and want help on what they should do, because their companies won’t shut them down. They are working practically on top of each other with no possible way to social distance themselves. It is a disaster waiting to happen, with consequences being catastrophic to our area.
One said their company makes medical bags, yet all they are running is fake leather for fashion and designer purses!! Like right now anyone should be giving a crap about how they look or which handbag they are carrying! It’s greed plain and simple… there is no value placed on the workers’ lives. You are merely a means for them to make their next dollar, and that is just how I feel.
Let me put this into perspective for you… are you ready… in my household there is an “essential worker” that goes to Winchester, Virginia, daily. This person comes home everyday after work, and is right here in the house with the other “essential worker” who goes right to work here in one of the few facilities we have in our county. Now tell me again how safe we are!
The other thing I consider a danger to the public is misinformation. I am so tired of seeing people share things that make this worse. “This is not as bad as the flu.’” “This is all 5g radiation.” “We already had it here so we are safe.”
Let’s not forget to mention “a friend of a friend told my cousin that their friend heard there was a case in Keyser!!”
Are you people kidding me? Now, of all times, we're going to do this? I mean research what you post on social media, and for goodness sake control your stupidity and your posts!
Recently I saw a ridiculous post and the individual actually said, “I don’t have time to sit down and research it.” Well if you don’t have time to research it, then don’t post it!
It’s simple - stop the spread of stupidity, people! Get your information from reliable sources!
Playing this down makes people feel safe to go out, and that just makes this worse. Putting out false information can risk more lives.
I have spoken with some elected officials and to be honest, some of their remarks have astounded me. Speaking of playing this down, wow! By not taking this seriously enough, many “leaders” are actually, in my opinion,  adding to the spread of this disease.
If there was ever a time to realize that new leadership is needed - again in my opinion - it would be now.
One life lost is a life too many if you ask me.
Now that we have lost over 5,000, my heart hurts. Yet to be told by one of our officials, “It’s not that bad if you look at it this way.” Or “compare the numbers to this,” or “the death rate isn’t as high if you knew how many actually had it.”
Oh stop already! Obviously you haven’t lost a loved one yet, or I would assume your attitude would be different. I assume you would be doing more.
Quite honestly I have lost hope in our government and our state and local leadership. Quite honestly I don’t think anyone cares enough and that is not okay. I think it shows how well we as a nation can deal with things like this, and I am not impressed.
So I would like to ask our leaders to take a better look at what really is essential at this time. To act on the behalf of the American people, like they actually would for their own families. Don’t ask workers to do something that you wouldn’t. Stop playing political games and get the job done.
Get our healthcare workers what they need to do their jobs and fight this. Protect our “essential workers,” our EMS, paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement officers, our doctors, nurses, RNA’s etc.
If you wouldn’t go do their job with their equipment, then it is not good enough. If you don’t stand on the lines with these workers in hospitals and nursing homes, and other “essentials businesses,” then stop running your mouths and do something!
I am actually issuing a challenge to our leaders and the CEOS of these corporations, come out of the safety of your homes and put yourself in the position of one of our “essential workers.” Literally stand at one of the stations of a factory worker, do a round with a nurse while wearing the same protective gear, go to Walmart and stock shelves for a while. Would you feel safe? Will you do it? If your answer is no and you won’t go and literally “stand up” for one in their spot…. Well you are not doing your job.
You’re not doing enough and that’s just fact!
So until they look out for us and the American people better than what they are now, we need to look out for ourselves and one another. For goodness sakes people stay home and wash your hands…
Just saying….