I was never a big fan of Alabama (the group not the state), but back in 1993 they released a song that I especially liked titled “Angels Among Us.”

By Liz Beavers
Tribune Managing Editor
I was never a big fan of Alabama (the group not the state), but back in 1993 they released a song that I especially liked titled “Angels Among Us.”
The idea of the song was that there are special people out there who are always willing to help those in need … especially during times of darkness. These special angels could be anybody - your neighbor, the postal carrier you pass on the way to work every morning, the young lady who takes your order every day in the coffee shop, or the older gentleman who sits out on his porch and reads the Saturday morning paper, waving to you when you go walking by with your dog.
They don’t know they are angels. In fact, they would probably be the first to shy away from any such reference, simply and humbly saying, “It was the right thing to do.”
The song says:
“I believe there are angels among us,
“Sent down to us from somewhere up above.
“They come to you and me in our darkest hours
To show us how to live
To teach us how to give
To guide us with a light of love….
“They wear so many faces,
“Show up in the strangest places
“And grace us with their mercies in our times of need.”
There have certainly been some dark, uncertain times in recent weeks, and I have no doubt there is a lot of need out there … the need to understand these strange days, the need to know we are all going to get through this, the need to know all our loved ones - and ourselves - are going to be ok.
And of course, the basic need to just  make sure everyone has a roof over their heads and enough to eat as we stay out of the public.
Thankfully, there are those out there who - although undoubtedly often anxious and uncertain themselves - are going out of their way to try to help their fellow human beings navigate these very unfamiliar waters.
I have spent a lot of time on Facebook lately watching videos of people singing hymns to help bring peace to someone out there, singing silly songs to try to bring some laughter into people’s lives, reading children’s books to try to help keep the youngsters occupied, and sharing photos and comments to just connect with friends and family.
One set of videos that is being shared around now includes slide shows of teachers and staff members at some of Mineral County’s schools. In each photo the teacher or staff member is holding a sign saying such things as “We love you” and “We miss you” and “Hope to see you soon.”
We have shared these videos on our News Tribune Facebook page to help the schools reach more people who might need a smile or a virtual hug.
I hope more of the county’s schools will take the time to put together similar videos. I know some of the children were excited to get some unexpected time off from school, but that time off is now at the end of the second week and they are starting to miss their friends and the life they so often complained about at school.
Many of the younger ones don’t understand why they can’t go see their friends. Heck, many of the older ones don’t understand either because they just can’t quite wrap their heads around the concept of this very unprecedented situation.
It is the hope of their teachers and staff members through these videos to help them understand, or at least to brighten their day a little bit and help them get through this one day at a time.
And then there are those who have been reaching out to some of the older folks in the area. Considered the most vulnerable to this horrid virus, they are frightened too and need to know someone cares enough to check on them and make sure they are ok.
On Thursday, one of our older residents from New Creek called me because he very much wanted to find a way to let people know the kindness that had been shown to him and his wife by a member of the New Creek Volunteer Fire Department.
The gentleman said the firefighter appeared at his door one day earlier in the week with two quarts of homemade vegetable soup in his hands.
“I don’t have any way to get a letter out, but I just want to thank them for helping us out at this time,” he told me.
“And the soup was just delicious!”
Yes, there are angels among us. They might be your child’s teacher, or the cafeteria lady. Or a local firefighter.
But we thank God every day for those angels and for all the good they do in our world.

“Angels Among Us” was written by Don Goodman and Becky Hobbs and produced by Teddy Gentry.