Today as I sit here, one question is on my mind: Where did it all go wrong?

By Barbara High
Tribune Staff Writer
Today as I sit here, one question is on my mind: Where did it all go wrong?  
Now I know that could apply to  many things, but in this case I mean division. As a country, we are divided. Sadly, as a local community we are divided. I am sickened to see it.
Political division is horrible and people become intolerant of one another. I see on social media sites the name calling and and blaming, and by adults, at that. Then we wonder why our kids bully. What example are we setting?
You see it all the time, and they throw it in anywhere. We could be on a post about child abuse, or animal cruelty, and someone would say its the liberals’ fault or it’s those Trump supporters. Like it is okay to lump together people into two categories. It is much broader than that. Yet we do it all the time. You’re either one or the other, and I am not talking gender… but party affiliation. You’re either a Republican or a Democrat.
The problem with this is it is too vague. I know great people on both sides. People often pick a party they think best represents their beliefs, and often times they don’t believe everything that party represents. Then there are those who blindly follow a party without care of the candidates or the truth.
Don't get me started on straight party voting! To pick someone you know nothing about just because they have the word Republican or Democrat by their name, not taking the time to actually check the person your voting for!?!
There are candidates on both sides that are decent people. To only look at party affiliation is ridiculous. Not even the candidates themselves believe in everything the party itself represents. Why do we even have these parties, just to create more division!? In my opinion the days of the parties are over. Now is the time for the party of common sense.
Let each candidate be judged by their character and merit, rather than party affiliation or their “friends.” Let their deeds and actions speak for themselves. Let us have common sense and decide from that.
It’s hard enough to get decent representation. Only the wealthy can afford to run, and the population is mostly working middle class… how do they even understand our struggles? They are so  out of touch with our lives and needs, how can they accurately represent us - a group they know nothing about? Yet they keep us divided into these groups and having us fight with one another instead of being united and holding them all accountable.
Are we all going to agree on everything? No. Are we all going to value the same things? Again, no. We don’t have the same morals, or beliefs. We put different value on different things, I get it. That doesn’t mean we have to tear one another down does it?
The lack of tolerance for anyone who doesn’t think the same as we do is at an all time record stupidity high. Where did communication, diversity, and understanding go? Out the window with our common sense, if you ask me!
We could learn a lot from each other if we stopped the name calling and talked to one another. Debate and leave the childish antics and name calling out of it. Learn to not just talk, but to shut up and listen once in awhile. Not everyone is the same and the word compromise is as foreign as an honest politician.
If someone disagrees, the first thing you see is name calling and blaming. I’m sorry but if your go-to thing in a politic al conversation is to call someone a libtard, well you just dropped IQ points and showed your inability to be a decent human being. Same as if you blame everything that goes wrong on the current president, thinking he has that much control. There is plenty of blame to spread around.
I for one want our government to stop fighting like a bunch of toddlers and learn to do their jobs that the American people pay them to do. Stop wasting our money and make things better. Listen and not just talk. Show some respect for one another and get along and get the job done.
I’d like to see our community do the same. Our government represents everyone, and we all don’t see things the same. Again they need to consider your neighbors’, who don’t agree with you, point of view just as much as yours. Stop thinking your beliefs, political ideas, and wants trumps (pardon the pun) anyone else's. Equal representation is a thing, people.
So can we play nice… at least half as well as the kids in kindergarten? Remember we are adults, so let us stop the name calling and being nasty to one another, acting like kids!! Remember we have “actual” kids watching us, and we’re setting a bad example and looking like idiots to the real kids. Because it’s always the ones screaming Libtard, or complaining about the ignorant Trump  supporters that will be the first to complain about bullying. Let’s see, Karen, you want to see kids be kind and compassionate towards one another, all while screaming Libtard or knocking someone’s Trump hat off their head??? Well I want a unicorn that rides rainbows and yet it’s not going to happen.
Grow up and set the example you want our kids to strive to be.
Cause you grown bullies are getting on my last nerve.
Just saying…