CARPENDALE – Carpendale's new all-terrain and utility vehicle ordinance takes effect this week following Tuesday's passage by the mayor and council.

By Ronda Wertman
Tribune Correspondent
CARPENDALE – Carpendale’s new all-terrain and utility vehicle ordinance takes effect this week following Tuesday’s passage by the mayor and council.
“I hope this brings relief to some of the riders,” said Carpendale mayor Casey Lambert of the ordinance, noting that under the previous ordinance riders were not permitted to ride on the streets at all.
For years, Carpendale did not enforce the ordinance as long as operators were on the streets in a safe manner, but in recent years the issue has been of increasing concern.
“It is following state law,” said Lambert, announcing that the ordinance is effective March 4 and residents can come in during office hours 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday to pay the $5 fee for their permit.
The stickers, which must be renewed yearly and displayed on the vehicles, are currently being printed, and residents will be notified when they can pick up the sticker for their permit.
Copies of the ordinance are available at the town hall for those who would like to learn more about the specific provisions addressed.
The ordinance specifies that ATVs are not permitted on roads with lines other than when crossing the road and riders must be in an area with an unobstructed view and come to a complete stop before crossing.
Riders must obey all traffic laws and yield the right of way to motorists. Vehicles should be equipped with operational headlights and taillights.
Those under 18 must complete a rider safety course from the Department of Motor Vehicles and must wear a helmet. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children and can be charged with a misdemeanor facing increasing fines and community service when riders do not wear a helmet and obey the laws.