KEYSER - “I think it's every West Virginia boy's dream to one day take the field as a Mountaineer. If you've ever been to a football game you know the atmosphere is amazing. Since I was little, I imagined myself being on that field and singing 'Country Roads' after a big win, as a member of the team,” Keyser senior Shawn See explained.

By Chapin Jewell
Tribune Correspondent
KEYSER - “I think it’s every West Virginia boy’s dream to one day take the field as a Mountaineer. If you’ve ever been to a football game you know the atmosphere is amazing. Since I was little, I imagined myself being on that field and singing ‘Country Roads’ after a big win, as a member of the team,” Keyser senior Shawn See explained.
On Friday, in a signing ceremony held at Keyser High School, with family, coaches, administrators, friends and teammates by his side, Shawn See signed with West Virginia University to continue his football and academic careers as a Mountaineer, the realization of a childhood dream.
According to See, “It was the coaching staff at WVU that sold me. They are real down to earth people who treat us like family. They have a vision and mission to make WVU football even greater than it already is. I saw myself as part of that mission, I wanted to be part of that mission too. #trusttheclimb!”
The path to becoming a Mountaineer began with See attending WVU’s prospect camp on June 1 last year. See wasn’t really considering going at the time, until he heard these words from Tyler Logsdon, “Hey, get him in front of Coach Neal Brown, he really loves in-state kids.”
See attended the camp, got a lot of reps and some personal coaching on his footwork. At the end of the camp, See and his parents were seen by Coach Moore and Coach Brown, and instructed to continue to work on his footwork and get faster, and that they wanted him back for another camp in July. See heeded the advice and went straight to work, re-appeared at the camp in July, and started getting invited to Morgantown for some games. The rest, as they say, is history.
See gives major credit to the football program at Keyser High School for improving his craft and helping him get to the next level.  According to See, “The coaches at KHS believe it all begins in the weight room. We work all year round and we work on skills and drills in the summer. We practice hard, don’t dwell on the past, and work on a this-play mentality.”
“From the time you become a Golden Tornado, the coaches teach us that you are your brother’s keeper. Your teammates are your family and we form bonds. My teammates on both the football field and basketball court will forever be my brothers. These values are similar to the values the WVU coaching staff wants their players to have.  I will carry all these values with me when I join the Mountaineers in the fall,” See explains.
In addition to being prepared for football, See credits the teachers and administration and Keyser High School for helping to prepare him academically for the rigors of college. See explains, “The teachers and principals at KHS truly want us to succeed at whatever it is we want to do in our future. If our goal is to be a doctor, welder, or professional athlete, they truly care and encourage us to achieve whatever goals we have set for ourselves.They do everything in their power to be sure we are prepared academically.”
According to See, “Since freshman year, I knew I could go to Mrs. Szafran, Mrs. Logsdon, Mrs. Susan Hamilton, Coach Biser, or Coach Furey when I needed extra help or to just vent. When I was preparing to apply to WVU, Mrs. Droppleman sat down with me and helped me get everything sent in. The amount of support under the roof of KHS is amazing and I am forever grateful for them all.”
See has received an enormous amount of support, not just from the aforementioned, but many others. “My mom, dad, brother Dyllan, sisters and grandparents have always supported me. But so have all of my coaches, Coach Biser, Coach Staggers, Coach Haines, they were never easy on me.They pushed me hard, but always supported me because they knew my potential. I just didn’t always see it in myself. The entire Mineral County community has stood behind me and supported me as well. I am blessed to live here,” See stated.
Currently, See is undecided as to what he will study at West Virginia University, but he hopes an orientation he will be attending in June will help guide him in a particular direction.
There’s no doubt See’s size has played a major role in landing him in Morgantown. After all, as a towering figure, eyes are naturally drawn in his direction. The other side to that is because eyes are drawn in his direction, there are high expectations in terms of his performance.  Certainly the good folks in Morgantown think See has what it takes.
When talking of Shawn See, it’s also important to note that there is so much more to him than his towering, physical presence. This is a guy who for his senior class project at Keyser High School organized a coat drive that ultimately yielded approximately 200 winter coats which were collected and distributed to those in need.
See is the total package, in terms of being a quality athlete but more importantly, an even better person. He speaks of dreaming of a chance to sing “Country Roads” as a member of the WVU football team after a Mountaineer win, he’ll soon realize that goal. He’ll be joined by a chorus of seemingly everyone back home in Mineral County, and in the other 54 counties of the Mountain State.  Let’s go Mountaineers!