PIEDMONT - Two Piedmont council members have resigned from their positions on the city government.

By Jean Braithwaite
Tribune Correspondent
PIEDMONT - Two Piedmont council members have resigned from their positions on the city government.
During the Wednesday afternoon meeting of the Piedmont council, mayor Paula Boggs read the resignation of Ben Smith, presently serving as water commissioner and previously elected to two terms as mayor.
The letter from Smith showed his resignation was effective Dec. 13, however, during the past several meetings no quorum was present at the Piedmont council meetings and no vote could be taken to accept Smith’s resignation.
He said in the resignation letter, “I have enjoyed working with all of you, and wish you the best in the future.”
Following his terms as mayor, Smith was appointed as the community’s water commissioner, and during that time he had worked diligently to make sure Piedmont would have a water source due to the predicted time when Verso Paper Company is to stop the water from crossing their property.
The second resignation came Wednesday from Dawn Beckner, who was the parks and recreation commissioner.
She was first elected to serve Piedmont in 2017 and was re-elected during the 2019 municipal election.
Beckner has been absent from numerous city meetings in recent months and said to the council members in her resignation letter, “My work schedule conflicts with my ability to serve the citizens of Piedmont.”
Boggs said the vote to accept the resignation letters will be on the agenda at the next council meeting, scheduled for Feb. 19.
She gave the procedure for appointments for the two now vacant council spots, when she said, “Unless the charter ordinance provides otherwise for a vacancy in a municipal office, the governing body can appoint a new commissioner until the next election.”

For complete videos of Piedmont City Council meetings, visit the Piedmont West Virginia Info Network on YouTube at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAzc8Mv9NyzjOG2xD1KZFEg