RIDGELEY - Ridgeley Police chief Jake Ryan has resigned from his position.

By Liz Beavers
Tribune Managing Editor
RIDGELEY - Ridgeley Police chief Jake Ryan has resigned from his position.
Ridgeley mayor Mark Jones confirmed to the News Tribune Monday that Ryan had resigned as of Jan. 28, but declined to comment on the reason for his decision.
“That’s all I can say,” Jones said via phone Monday afternoon.
Ryan, who was overseeing police coverage for both Ridgeley and Carpendale due to an agreement between the two towns, has been surrounded by controversy in recent months, prompting a Nov. 25 decision by the Carpendale Town Council to terminate the pact between the two towns as of Jan. 31.
During a joint meeting of the town councils in late December, however, the Carpendale Council rescinded their decision, extending the contract until it ran out on June 30. At that time, the plan was to re-negotiate the agreement.
When the Carpendale officials originally announced their decision to terminate the contract, mayor Casey Lambert said they had received numerous complaints about the chief and his demeanor.
It was noted during the joint meeting between Carpendale and Ridgeley, however, that the Ridgeley Council had received few complaints.
“We’ve only had one complaint. It’s hard to discipline an officer when he’s had only one complaint in three years,” Council member Duke Lantz said at the time.
One of the issues raised during that meeting was the fact that Ryan has not attended the West Virginia State Police Academy. At the time that he was hired, it was not mandatory that a chief of police attend the academy. It is now required, but Ryan and others who were already in position were grandfathered in.
A vote on whether or not to pay half of his tuition so he could attend the academy was on the agenda for Carpendale’s town meeting this week.
When asked about Ryan’s resignation Monday, Mayor Lambert said he had not officially been told anything.
Ryan did not immediately respond to a message left on his cell phone.