CARPENDALE -- Carpendale residents are continuing to conserve and boil their water as work continues on the well system.

By Ronda Wertman
Tribune Correspondent
CARPENDALE -- Carpendale residents are continuing to conserve and boil their water as work continues on the well system.
A problem with the pump that supplies the water to the town was discovered Thursday and the town immediately began making calls to local well companies to get a crew in to repair the problem.
Wayne’s Water and Wells was able to respond on Friday and installed the new pump.
“We put the new one in and it didn’t run an hour till it blew,” said Carpendale mayor Casey Lambert. “We feel it was a defective pump.”
Wayne’s brought a new pump to the town on Monday, but according to Lambert, “somewhere there is an electrical problem.”
He explained that Stevens Electric is having to pull each 21-foot section out and check the wire as it goes down in the well.
“They are pulling it unit by unit and there’s 40 of them in that well,” Lambert said.
“If they find it today, it’s a matter of how long to fix it,” said Lambert Tuesday.
With the town’s water supply dwindling, efforts to refill the tank were planned for Sunday.
“We’re good till at least Wednesday,” said Lambert of the water transfer. “They really had a good set up. They did a fantastic job.”
Between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Sunday volunteers from area fire departments in Ridgeley, Fort Ashby, Fountain, Baltimore Pike, Mt Savage, Eastern Garrett, Grantsville, Springfield, Ellerslie, Patterson Creek, Midland, Bowling Green and LaVale completed the water shuttle.
Two trucks at a time were dumping into two tubs and as two would pull out two more would pull in Lambert explained.
“They had our tank completely full,” he said of the 225,0000 gallons of water, which residents are asked to conserve and to boil before consuming.
Lambert noted that the manpower for the water hauling was all volunteer, but the town is planning to reimburse the companies for their fuel.
Experts working to make the repairs to the well note that issues like Carpendale is experiencing are common.
“They’ve run into it quite a few times,” said Lambert of the malfunctioning replacement pump.
As the town is on day four of issues, the after-school program at the Holy Cross Church for Wednesday has already been cancelled.
It is hoped that the system will be up and running by then, but that is still an unknown. Residents are urged to follow the Carpendale Town Hall page on Facebook for official announcements from the town.
With the reserve fund, the town maintains a spare pump and motor, but nothing prepared them for this long of a process.
“We can get a back-up source,” said Lambert noting possibilities of hooking onto the other well in Millerdale or onto the City of Cumberland line that comes to the Kingsford Charcoal Warehouse in an emergency.
Lambert said that this is something the council will need to pursue and that there could be grant funds to help with the process.