KEYSER - The City of Keyser is seeking quotes for a new street sweeper.

By Liz Beavers
Tribune Managing Editor
KEYSER - The City of Keyser is seeking quotes for a new street sweeper.
Finance commissioner Mike Ryan announced during the city council’s Oct. 9 meeting that the current sweeper, purchased in 2008,  “is done,” and the city is in need of replacing the aging equipment.
“It hasn’t been operable now for two weeks,” according to city employee Bonnie Hannas.
Mayor Damon Tillman called the street sweeper “a necessity,” noting that, in addition to keeping the streets clean, it brings in revenue for the city.
The city receives payment, for example, for cleaning Memorial Bridge.
According to Ryan, who had already spoken with one company, a new sweeper could cost the city $159,000 with the old sweeper as a trade-in.
The question, he said, is whether the city should finance the purchase for four, five or six years.
Council member Eric Murphy said he felt the longer period, and therefore smaller payment, “would be better with all the other payments we’ve got to make.”
It was suggested that Ryan obtain some other quotes and bring the information back to the council at their Oct. 23 meeting so they can make a decision.
According to city administrator Amanda Brafford, there is enough money in the city’s Street Excess Levy budget to cover the purchase.
In other business discussed during the Oct. 9 meeting:
 - Mayor Tillman announced that the city has been approved for a $5,000 grant from Walmart, which will be used to upgrade the parks.
“We will put that money to good use in the spring,” he said.
 - The council granted permission for the Boyce-Houser Post 41 to host the annual Keyser Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, Nov. 9, at noon.
 - The finance commissioner announced that the proceeds from the recent sale of the Alkire Mansion will be placed in the city’s Rainy Day Fund.