Over this past week, I have been trying to master an attitude adjustment. I surely needed one!

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
Over this past week, I have been trying to master an attitude adjustment. I surely needed one!
Now that autumn is here - which happens to be my favorite season - I am so looking forward to all of the things that come with the change in season.
Don't get me wrong. My plate is still extremely full, and there is nothing at all I can do to change it. It's just a matter of managing it, delegating where I can, and accomplishing one task at a time. I CAN do this!
Not wanting to wish away the next 90 days of autumn, I have decided to get into a more positive frame of mind, get organized, focus, plan and strategize, and just get all of these things done. There is much work to do, but there has to be time made for simple things, too.
Simple things. Yes, things like hot cocoa on chilly fall mornings, holding an actual book in my hands to read rather than reading online all of the time. I must make time for some interior decorating and fall cleaning, and lighting my favorite Yankee candles to send wisps of delightful scents throughout my home.
It's the best season for casseroles, homemade soups...even trying out some new dessert recipes I've been dying to make. Soon, the leaves will be changing to the most glorious showcase of golds, scarlets and bright oranges. Oh, these colors make my heart so happy!
My record player will come to life with old music while I write, and the evenings will include campfires, moons and stargazing. My plans just have to include a few last picnics before the really cold weather settles in, and I look forward to some of the local festivals I have been attending throughout my life.
Yesterday, I discovered a photographer named Nate Nelson in Tennessee who takes the most spectacular nighttime photographs - and I have plans for a wall collage of his work. On another corner section in my home, I will feature a framed and matted photo of Mr. Moon by Teena Bowers. These wall displays are just one of many projects I am planning.
I still have some health concerns that have to be addressed and have been ongoing, but they will all fall into place by end of this year. One day at a time. This is the most frustrating part of my life right now, but I have faith that all will work out. Pain free days just HAVE to be ahead!
Those of you who read my column know that I am involved with an animal rescue in Westernport called Whiskers, Inc, and also know how much I love music and the theater. Here are some of the things that I am involved with that are overflowing on this plate of mine. Perhaps you might find some of them of interest:
* "Friday Night Frights" at Off Pitt Street Theater in Bedford, Pennsylvania - where I play the narrator in "Dead Ernest" and a Scandinavian housekeeper in "Murder Castle" this Friday night, Sept 27, at 7 p.m.
* "Camelot" at Embassy Theatre, downtown Cumberland,  Friday/Saturday at 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. Final weekend to see this musical directed by Tom Valentine. Starring Kevin Shreve as King Arthur and Morgan Witmer as Guinevere. I also reviewed this production, and the review was published today
* Reviewing Cumberland Theatre's "Dracula" - which will run Oct. 10-27 (Thursday-Saturday at 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m.
* Writing the final six chapters of my book titled "Old Fella - Just A Cat,” and illustrated by Angie Fulton. My book will soon be available on Amazon, Kindle, AudioBooks and at bookstores everywhere. I hope that you consider purchasing one for your collection.
* Getting my schedule set for my monthly articles in 2020 for Allegany Magazine
* I will be directing a production in October 2020, so as soon as I am done reading the script, I will be starting to make plans for my cast, the set, costume ideas and more. This will be my first job as a director, so it is imperative I get an early head start!
* Whiskers is in a contest with 809 other shelters and rescues in the country with Freshpet Fresh Start. Please take less than a minute to click on this link and cast your vote and share on Facebook. We are currently in the lead. Contest ends Oct. 6, and Whiskers has a chance to win $10,000 for our nonprofit organization.
* Amanda Murphy of Broadford Elementary School in Oakland is currently running a project for Whiskers where she is collecting donations for the next month. Her project is called "Be The Change.”
* Upcoming events for Whiskers include: $300 Cash Raffle (currently underway on FB), Pet Painting Raffle, Old Fella Cookbooks (deadline for orders Oct. 15), Crabby Pig Spirit Day (Oct. 12), Zombie Walk (Oct. 19), Guest Chef at Candlewyck Inn (Oct. 23), Cook-Off (Nov. 16), 100 Club 2020, Annual Dinner (Dec. 7), Karaoke Night, Lunch with Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus (Dec. 16). We are also eagerly awaiting notification of several grants that we have applied for to see if we will receive any awards. Fingers crossed!
* Whiskers has just received a donation of a microchipper (anonymous donation) and microchip scanner (donated by Alice Jane Wolford). Once the process is learned, Whiskers will be microchipping its rescues, as well as scanning its rescues to determine if those felines belong to someone else.
Some of you may recall that when my Old Fella was rescued from the streets of south Cumberland, his microchip showed that he was neutered in the year 2000 in Ann Arbor, MI. Unfortunately, I was unable to reunite him with his original owner because that owner did not register the chip online after his neuter. And then fortunately, he was mine to love for eight months until, at age 18, kidney failure took his life. Just a cat? No. He was much more than that...to many people.
* Why adopt from Whiskers, Inc? You all know the heart and soul of our executive director Missy Smith. You know she wants to save every cat and kitten out there who is lost, abandoned, sick and forgotten...and especially those that humans have abused and thrown in the garbage. Those stories break our hearts.
When you submit an application for adoption, Missy considers every factor as she chooses the purrfect forever homes. If you are selected, you will soon welcome a cat into your home who has received the best veterinary care to bring that kitty to the best health - fully vaccinated up to its current age, spayed/neutered, fully socialized and loved beyond imagination since his/her first day with Whiskers. The nominal adoption fee that we charge helps a little toward the initial expense of that kitty's veterinarian expenses.
We have some of the most beautiful, loving cats and kittens at our rescue, and they are looking for homes where arms are wide open for the purrs and love that will be bestowed upon you. I personally have six rescues in my home - some rescued from homelessness and some who were just unwanted. Well, their lives surely changed when they came to Baughman Street White House. And believe me - so did mine.
Rescues make the best pets. I promise they do. Send an email to Missy at whiskersanimalrescue@gmail.com, and tell Missy you want to adopt a cat, or two! We have at least 10 kitties ready for adoption RIGHT NOW! It's time you had some soft kitty kat love in your life
* By the way...it's less than three months until Christmas! Have you started your list yet?