Those breaking the law will be charged to the fullest extent allowed by state and local laws under a change in Carpendale's ordinances.

CARPENDALE – Those breaking the law will be charged to the fullest extent allowed by state and local laws under a change in Carpendale’s ordinances.
“With Ridgeley police taking care of our area, if they make an arrest and it’s not in our ordinances or the county or state is higher, they can charge them with that,” said mayor Casey Lambert.
The statement “For corresponding crimes under state and county law, see West Virginia or county code” will be added to all ordinances to aid in enforcement.
Lambert reported that members of the council recently met with representatives of the Ridgeley council to address concerns with the police coverage that Carpendale contracts with Ridgeley.
In other business, Lambert said that with nothing new from the Region VIII Planning and Development Council on repairs for the Knobley Tunnel, the town is seeking a price for proposed work.
“Gary Howell had some suggestions we’re pursuing and we’ll see what happens,” added Lambert.
It’s time for the year-end audit and Carpendale is seeking bids for auditors. Lambert noted that some local firms are showing interest this year, where often times the auditors come from across the state.
“We’ve always had good audits. That’s a good thing,” he added.
Lambert reported that the West Virginia Department of Highways fixed the spot on the main highway on the day that he was planning to call the Governor. He added that additional work in the area is needed in cutting the grass along the road and cleaning the side ditches.
As the blacktop season is winding down in the coming months, Carpendale is looking at possible projects.
“It will depend on how much money we get in, in taxes. There’s some bad holes,” said Lambert, noting that there are many areas of concern throughout the town.
On a final note, plans are underway for the October Fest to bring residents together and the planning committee is working on Christmas caroling planned for 2-4 p.m. on Dec. 14.
The annual tree lighting in conjunction with the Holy Cross Church After School Program is set for 5 p.m. Dec. 4.
“We’ve had a lot of interest since Tunnel Day in what we are doing,” said member Vicki Hamilton.