KEYSER - Aging & Family Services is evaluating the possibility of providing Meals on Wheels in Piedmont and the surrounding area.

For the News Tribune
KEYSER - Aging & Family Services is evaluating the possibility of providing Meals on Wheels in Piedmont and the surrounding area. 
Currently, bulk meals are delivered from the Keyser Senior Center to the Piedmont Mid-Rise three days per week. The meals are prepared and served in a congregate setting by a paid staff person. Currently, the attendance at the Piedmont location is around six individuals each day. 
The high cost to provide these meals to a very limited number of individuals and the difficulty in finding reliable staffing has caused the agency to reevaluate the meal program in and around Piedmont. 
They are now looking at preparing hot, fresh sealed meals to deliver directly to the congregate location for those individuals that are not home-bound. These meals will be packed in electrical heated and cooled bags to maintain their temperatures.
After the congregate meals are dropped off to those participants, the driver will begin a route in Piedmont and work his way back to Keyser on Route 46, delivering to the homes of seniors that qualify for this service.
Betsy Purdy, nutrition director, states “This new system appears to be our best opportunity to continue to provide one hot, nutritious meal to those that can make it out of their homes and also offer Meals on Wheels directly to a group of our frailest population who have not had an opportunity to receive these meals in the past.” 
Purdy also states, “We are evaluating this proposal throughout September and if we locate six or more qualified recipients begin the route in October.”
Meals on Wheels in Mineral County is a service designed to assist the frail elderly shut-ins by providing them with one well balanced, nutritious, hot meal, delivered to their home.
The program is for those persons who cannot cook for themselves, and have no one to cook for them and are unable to leave their homes for meals. This service allows people to stay in their homes, maintain some independence, and avoid living in costly institutions—a financial benefit to the client and the community.
A Meals on Wheels delivery also provides a reassuring “check-in” on those who live alone. Any unanswered delivery is reported and investigated. Any changes in a recipient’s health or needs are noted, and dietary changes are made, as needed.
If you, or someone you know, lives in Piedmont and is homebound and would benefit from a hot, nutritious meal, please contact Betsy Purdy, nutrition director, at 304-788-5467 ext 112. or send an e-mail to