KEYSER - Auditions for Apple Alley Players' Summer 2019 production of Rodgers & Hammerstein's “Cinderella” are scheduled for Sunday from 6-8 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church, Davis Street, Keyser.

KEYSER - Auditions for Apple Alley Players’ Summer 2019 production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” are scheduled for Sunday from 6-8 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church, Davis Street, Keyser.
The show will be performed the weekends of July 26-28, and Aug. 2-4 at Allegany College of Maryland.  
The auditions will consist of two parts: Singing and reading. Auditioners should prepare a short song (1-2 minutes) to be sung a cappella or with an accompaniment recording. Vocal ranges will also be determined. There will then be a short reading for those who wish to be considered for spoken roles. Casting decisions will be made as soon as possible, and rehearsals will begin very shortly afterward.
Director for the show is Jaiden Courrier, musical director is Kristopher High and choreographer, William Clinton Price III.
Character descriptions:
Ella – Charismatic, opinionated and funny. Ella sees the good in everyone despite her hardships and suffering from her stepmother and stepsisters. We see her blossom into a confident woman. Soprano (B3-Eb5)
Topher – A misguided and lost prince who longs to do something important with his life. Though brave and heroic, he feels lonely and unfulfilled. Charming, but NOT a stereotypical ladies man, he is moral, genuine, and kindhearted. Baritone/Tenor (C#3-A4)
Madame – Ella’s wicked stepmother. The epitome of vanity and fashion. A schemer who values wealth, status, and material possessions above all else. Unapologetically dismissive and sometimes cruel. Character voice. Mezzo-Soprano (C4-D5)
Sebastian – Topher’s prime minister who is secretly conspiring with Madame to find a bride for Topher. He believes he should rule the kingdom. Character voice. Baritone (C3-F4)
Marie – The local beggar, also, Ella’s Fairy Godmother! Wise, warm, otherworldly, and charming. Soprano (A3-Ab5)
Gabrielle – Ella’s stepsister. Gabrielle has been encouraged all her life to be quietly passionate, empathetic, and witty. Soprano (C4-G5)
Charlotte – Stepsister. Brash, obnoxious, self-centered, LOUD, and bratty. She never passes up the opportunity to be the center of attention. Character Belt. Mezzo-Soprano (B3-F5)
Jean-Michel – A feisty, passionate peasant determined to make a difference for the working class. Has a crush on Gabrielle, but isn’t allowed to date because of his social class. Baritone (C3-G4)
Lord Pinkleton – Sebastian’s right hand-man. Announces royal balls, banquets, and even the weather. Tenor (D3-A4)
Fox (Puppet)/Footman - Non-spoken. Good mover.
Raccoon (Puppet)/Coachman - Non-spoken. Good mover.
Ensemble: Townspeople, knights, ladies and gentlemen of the court. Ensemble singing, some spoken lines. All vocal ranges.
For further information, contact Courrier through the audition event page on Facebook.