CARPENDALE – As the summer hiking and biking season gets into full swing, Carpendale's Knobley Tunnel Trail remains closed for repairs.

By Ronda Wertman
Tribune Correspondent
CARPENDALE – As the summer hiking and biking season gets into full swing, Carpendale’s Knobley Tunnel Trail remains closed for repairs.
The tunnel was closed in mid-April, in concern for safety, as it was discovered that a roof timber was falling.
Since that time the tunnel was inspected and officials are awaiting the final report to know the extent of the damage.
“We didn’t get very good news,” said Carpendale mayor Casey Lambert, noting that officials are looking to see what it will take to reopen the tunnel and to complete the bid process for the repairs.
In the meantime, Lambert noted that he has been working on possible funding sources including discussions with Del. Gary Howell, the Region VIII Planning and Development Council and tourism funding.
West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey was recently in Carpendale and Lambert said that he also spoke to him about the tunnel and the proposed bridge to Bowling Green.
“He’s been here before. He likes to come to Carpendale,” added Lambert.
The tunnel trail is part of an even bigger project as officials are looking to extend the project to Ridgeley and over to Cumberland to link with the C&O Canal trail.
Lambert noted that a crucial step is getting the land. “They are really making headway,” he said of efforts by the Mineral County Development Authority.
Despite closure of the tunnel, plans are still underwear for the second Knobley Tunnel Day planned for July 27.
Stevie Harman was the winner of the Yeti cooler filled with hunting supplies is being planned to benefit Tunnel Day.
Vendors are needed for year’s event, which will feature a car show and several new exhibits including information on the Chesapeake Bay and the West Virginia Save Our Streams program.
June 8 is the second annual Applebee’s benefit for Batten Disease and the town will observe International Batten Awareness Day.
Delaney Mickey Family Fun Day is set for 1:30-5:30 p.m. Sunday, June 9, in memory of the Carpendale resident who lost her battle with the disease.
In other concerns, the council learned that the flow meter in the pumping station is bad and must be replaced.
Lambert noted that it cannot be replaced with the same type of meter that is there, as it must be the meter specified by the City of Cumberland.
He said that it was $1,000 to have the meter calibrated and estimates are $12,000 to $15,000 for the new meter.
Lambert said the Howell is also looking into funding for this. “He’s really working hard to help us out,” he said.