RIDGELEY -- Spring rains are taxing Ridgeley's already stressed sewer treatment bill.

By Ronda Wertman
Tribune Correspondent
RIDGELEY -- Spring rains are taxing Ridgeley’s already stressed sewer treatment bill.
“Rain is playing havoc on the sewer system,” said Commissioner Duke Lantz, as he explained two additional manholes are being infiltrated with rain water, which in turn the town pays for in its sewer treatment fees to Cumberland.
The cost to reline the two manholes is estimated at $6,200 and while this is a large expense, discussion centered on the savings in the sewer bill in the long run if they are relined soon, rather than waiting.
Lantz had noted in April that the town must look at water and sewer rate increases and is currently working on the percentages.
Budget figures for the sewer fund from July through March show that $109,000 was spent and $91,311 was collected for services leaving a $17,688 deficit.
“There’s going to have to be a change,” he said.  “The sewer is really at a big deficit.”
The water fund is a little better with $144,096 spent and $160,931 collected for services for a gain of $16,000 in revenue.
“A major break will get expensive real fast,” said Lantz of the need to make to sure there are funds for day to day operations along with reserves for emergency repairs.