It looks like it's going to be one of those mornings. My alarm was set for 6 a.m. so I could get up early, fix myself a nice hot tea and a bagel, find a comfortable spot on the couch to sit so I can write my column for this week's newspaper.

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
It looks like it's going to be one of those mornings. My alarm was set for 6 a.m. so I could get up early, fix myself a nice hot tea and a bagel, find a comfortable spot on the couch to sit so I can write my column for this week's newspaper.
You know what they say about the "best-laid plans.” As soon as the alarm went off, I picked up my phone and I hit the dismiss button...a 10-minute snooze wasn't going to hurt anything. Right. So, immediately I went back to sleep to go for that last precious 10 minutes, which by mistake, ended up being another hour.
The alarm never did go off. Apparently, I hit the off button on my phone. Great. So much for the tea and bagel. I had a really small window to get things done this morning, which by the way, is my own fault for being the Queen of Procrastination. It is my favorite title.
Nevertheless, I have a lot of errands to run this morning, and I have just one hour to complete this column and get it submitted to Liz for Friday's newspaper. At this moment in time, I'm sure I will meet my deadline, but I have just added some stress to my life this morning because I wanted that last 10 minutes of sleep.
How about you? How many times do you reach over and hit that snooze button? I would venture a guess that many of us do that on any given day. We just have to have that extra 10 minutes, don't we? How will we make it through the day if we don't get that extra 10 minutes?? Funny indeed.
I'm trying not to watch the clock as I'm sitting here thinking of all the things I need to do over the next four days. My granddaughter Aubree will be celebrating her 8th birthday this Saturday. How in the world she is 8 years old is beyond me!
So, there is food to order, cupcakes to prepare and a pretty pink birthday party to plan. Another thing that I must get done between now and Sunday includes finishing up the planting of vegetables and flowers in the garden areas at my home.
This year, the vegetable garden will include Better Boy tomatoes, green peppers, sweet banana peppers and cucumbers for pickling. I have two big pot containers to grow something new, so I'm going to try strawberries and blueberries.
There will be quite a buffet for the deer who like to visit in the midnight hour, but I am hoping that they will leave the fruits and vegetables alone. There have been tomatoes here every season, and in 2015 and 2016, I grew moonflowers (one of my favorites). The deer have never, ever bothered with the tomatoes, nor have any bear or groundhog. HOWEVER, both of those years - just when the moonflower started to bloom, Miss Moonflower Eater came and ate all of my blooms and so much of the foliage! And how do I know? I came home from a late evening of theater and an after-theater stop for dessert, and what to my wondering eyes do I see? Miss Moonflower Eater casually chomping on my beautiful flowers as if I grew them on my trellis just for her!
In the year 2017, the decision was made to NOT grow moonflowers...much to this beautiful deer's dismay. Now, I have a gorgeous purple clematis that grows larger and larger every year. The foliage this year is just spectacular, and I hope to have the most beautiful showcase of purple in the very near future!!
I'm so excited about the two new garden areas at the house - where I am using natural stones and rocks with teeny white lights. I have to have a lot of new flowers this season because for some reason, I lost a lot of perennials over the winter. Weather permitting, the plan is to get the garden area completed along side of the house with some new soil for leveling, some coneflowers, pentas and double impatiens. No mulching yet, though. There are two more smaller garden areas that have to be completed with a few plantings and then done.
How many of you have finished planting your beautiful flowers for the season? Just like at Christmas time when I like to drive around and look to see how people have decorated their homes for the season, I like to do the same thing at this time of year. In June and July, I love to drive around and look at all of the beautiful homes in the area. It's just incredible to see the creativity that people use to beautify their yards and porches. And, it doesn't matter if it's a big gorgeous home or a small apartment. People can be so creative with even the smallest space, and I pass by with admiration for the thoughtfulness that goes into making the front of the home beautiful.
Even the simplest, colorful basket of flowers can bring a smile to the front of your place. There are so many flower shops, nurseries, greenhouses and other places to buy flowers. My favorite stops are at Southern States, flower events through the area, the place across from Ollie's in LaVale, Abundant Life and other places that I will stop on an impulse. Yes, I can be an impulse buyer when it comes to plants and flowers. It is hard to resist all of the purples, pinks, reds, blues!
This spring has been one of the most lovely springs we have had in a long time. The green is just full of splendor, and the forsythias, the lilacs, the rhododendrons - absolutely showcases of the most beautiful scents and colors!!!
Now it is time for the peonies to burst open, and the early spring trees with their buds of reds and pinks - oh, how I have loved the colors this year!
I hope that all of you will make some time to enjoy nature at its finest. Perhaps on a Sunday afternoon, you can take a couple of hours for a drive through your community and nearby small towns. Carry along a little picnic basket and stop at a community park for a leisurely lunch - taking in all of God's blessings around us. It could be one of your best days this spring! And - don't worry about that little old snooze button. Just get up and start your day. That extra 10 minutes - we don't really need it.