KEYSER - Reggie Redman has dazzled home and opposing fans on Friday nights with leaping catches and big play after big play on the defensive side of the ball.

Keyser’s Reggie Redman signs with West Virginia Wesleyan College

By Chapin Jewell
Tribune Correspondent
KEYSER - Reggie Redman has dazzled home and opposing fans on Friday nights with leaping catches and big play after big play on the defensive side of the ball.
What often goes unnoticed is his willingness to give up his body for hard nosed blocking, often springing his teammates for big plays of their own.  In a recent signing ceremony at Keyser High School, Redman signed to continue his football and academic careers at West Virginia Wesleyan College, now allowing him the chance to put those talents on display on Saturday afternoons.
“West Virginia Wesleyan is getting a steal; they are getting a division one ball player. Reggie is an all-around great athlete; he has played basketball, football, ran track and wrestled. He has real length for a wide receiver and his ability to adjust to the ball and make catches in traffic are some of his strengths. I think what really sets him apart though is his willingness to be a physical blocker on the edges. He has shown throughout his career that he is not afraid to stick his nose in there and get after people,” stated Keyser High head football coach Sean Biser.
“I started playing football in the third grade and I fell in love with the game,” Redman said.
“One of my favorite football playing moments was when I ran for my first touchdown in Pee Wee football; it was during my first game ever and I was running, all I can remember is looking over while running and seeing my mom run right alongside the sidelines with me,” he said of his football beginnings.
Reggie’s mother, Brandy Lower, may or may not still run alongside Reggie for every touchdown like she did that first one, but Redman proudly states, “My mother has been my biggest supporter since day one!  She is always in my ear telling me things I need to do to be a better player and a better young man. She goes above and beyond to help me; she takes me to camps to get exposure, feeds me extra food for weight control, and always points out what I could have done better even when I had a good game; she does everything a supporter is supposed to do.”
Redman’s first touchdown in his first game in the third grade was a glimpse of great things to come. Through Pee Wee, middle school and then onto Keyser High School, Redman’s talents have continued to develop and he’s just getting started.
Redman also credits the role Keyser coach Mike Staggers has played in his development. “Right after my sophomore season, Coach Staggers and I built a very strong bond in the weight room and on the field. He helped me reach my goal weight which meant so much to me.  I gained 22 pounds in two months and he never lost faith in what I could do.”
Redman also credits Staggers with his work during the recruiting process.  According to Redman, “He sent my film out to so many colleges, talked to many coaches, and just helped me through the recruiting process. He turned me into the player I am today and I can’t thank him enough!”
As part of his training regiment, Redman lifts five to six days a week.  Once track is over, Redman will begin doing the things necessary to transition back to the football field, and this time, at the collegiate level.  “I’ll be on the field daily catching balls, running routes and doing everything that needs to be done to help me compete at the next level,” Redman stated.
Redman chose West Virginia Wesleyan for several reasons. “I chose WVWC because I’m very familiar with the area and the coaches and got offered a good scholarship amount. Also, there’s a great education to be received there and I have several friends who attend there.”
Redman will no doubt waste little time in making his mark at the college level, just as he’s done at Keyser High School and on a variety of playing fields and courts. Redman has certainly made the most of his time at Keyser.  According to Redman, “The most important thing Keyser’s football program has taught me is to fight through adversity as there’s never a guaranteed outcome. Secondly, to pay attention to the small things; that way you can handle the big things when the time comes.”
During his time at Keyser, Redman has blossomed into a quality competitor, role model and student. According to Coach Biser, “Reggie was a positive influence for us on the field, helping younger players in the small details it takes to be successful at wide receiver. He’s done all this while maintaining over a 3.0 cumulative GPA so he has done well in the classroom as well.  Overall, I believe West Virginia Wesleyan is getting the complete student athlete.”
Redman credits the staff, teachers and administrators at Keyser High School for preparing him academically for college. “The teachers don’t give up on you, no matter what the circumstance is. Also, many of the classes are college prepped and put you in the situation college students are in, so there’s no surprises in the future.”
No doubt Brandy Lower, Reggie’s mom, will continue to run alongside Reggie as he continues his football journey to the collegiate level. Unlike that first touchdown run Reggie made in his first game in the third grade, however, she won’t be alone.  Reggie’s coaches, teammates, classmates, friends, and the many Black and Gold clad fans he’s amassed over the years will be right there with her supporting his efforts  
As Coach Biser said, West Virginia Wesleyan is getting the complete student athlete.