Here I sit - 5 a.m., the house as quiet as a mouse, thinking of all the things I need to get done over the next few days.

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
Here I sit - 5 a.m., the house as quiet as a mouse, thinking of all the things I need to get done over the next few days.
There is an old silver cat next to me with different things on his mind - reminding me every so often that it's time for breakfast. Old Fella gives me "the look" - as if to say, "Mum, close up that laptop and go over there and open that can of salmon and rice Fancy Feast...I'm starving, ya know!"
Not yet, my feline friend. Mum has a column to write while the house is quiet and still.
You know, in my younger days, and practically all of my life, I have been an early morning person. In fact, getting up early was so easy for me. Nowadays - not so much. Most days, I would prefer to sleep in until 8 a.m. or so, but with the house full of cats, there is little chance of that.
I say to myself, and then I say to these poor, “starving,” meowing cats - "Mum is the boss here!" In the early mornings, I check my emails, check my Facebook notifications and messages, and do a little browsing of my Facebook newsfeed. Then I might make a few posts and shares. So, kitty cats...settle down for an hour or so...Mum has important words to write.
The big news today is the wintry weather that is supposed to come. Now, those of you who know me know I love winter. But, these crazy weather forecasts today have me in a tizzy! 5-8" inches of snow, icy conditions, wet and icy, cold and snowy - either way, it looks like winter is trying to make a brief visit to give us a taste of what November through March may hold. The good news - by the time you read this column, it should be gone...for now!
Normally, I'm squealing and clapping for some of that beautiful white stuff, but this weekend I have travelling plans - plans for quiet and relaxation time, plans for visiting relatives and doing some reminiscing and storytelling. Getting on to I-95 in bad weather - I'm praying for the best.
Then, next week is the big week. My 7-year-old granddaughter Aubree will be spending Thanksgiving with us, and my 2-year-old grandson Ryder will enjoy dinner with my extended family.
We will all be going to my sister Jenny's for dinner in Cumberland, and she and her family will be there, as well as other cousins and other people we love. Some of us are coming from an earlier Thanksgiving meal, so it's a little there and then a little here.
Jenny makes an absolutely delicious meal - with the usual trimmings. My favorites are Jenny's dressing and gravy, and some dark meat of the roasted turkey - covered in gravy. She mastered gravy-making many years ago - using some of the secrets and techniques from our mother.
Jenny also presents a dessert table, with lots of goodies to choose from - magnificent pies and cookies that each of us will have to make room for! After all, what is a Thanksgiving dinner without dessert?
Jenny invited me to bring along a dish or dessert if I wanted, so I've been giving that some thought, too. Do I bake a cake, or make homemade courtin' fudge, make a cheese ball or take a side dish such as coleslaw or sauerkraut, or a casserole?
Thinking back to my column last week called "Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.”
Where is Santa Claus when I need him? If he weren't so busy, I'd call him up and have him make all my decisions for me - you know the important ones like "what do I take to Jenny's?"
Well anyway, lots of good things coming my way - family gatherings, Christmas decorating and shopping, a little snow, happy grandchildren, talking with friends, holiday baking, community events, music, friends, quiet time to finish my cookbook and my book about Old Fella, and time for prayer and thanksgiving for all of God's blessings.
I hope all of you who follow my column and my writings have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And, if you have it in your heart, give a little to others who might not be as blessed as we are. Perhaps invite someone to your own dinner - an elderly couple who would love the company. Fix a couple of meals and share with someone who has suffered a loss recently. Pay for the car behind you in a drive-thru. Buy a gift card for your pastor and put it in the offering plate.
Be blessed, give thanks, share love and kindness wherever you go - for we never know what someone is going through.