By Jean Braithwaite
Tribune Correspondent
KEYSER - A special meeting was held on Thursday of the Mineral County Commission for the purpose of approving several items that were carried over from the regular meeting of the agency on Tuesday.
The first vote to be taken by the commissioners was to re-approve the salary increase for Luke McKenzie, the director of Mineral County emergency management and 911 center.
It was reported in a previous newspaper article that McKenzie’s salary increase would be a future commission agenda item for late October, however that information was incorrect.
During Thursday’s special commission meeting, the vote for the salary increase was unanimous, with McKenzie to receive a raise of $1,000 for the year, becoming effective Sept. 1.
Another subject discussed dealt with the two medical devices for the Mineral County chase car, and the commissioners gave the go ahead to pay $6,000 toward the purchases of a Lucas device and McGrath Scope.
Commissioner Roger Leatherman said that during a recent ambulance authority meeting, a vote from the authority members was to “purchase the two items for the chase car.”
Commission president Jerry Whisner said that the $6,000 would “be a third of the cost for the Lucas device and McGrath Scope.”
He said, “We are trying other avenues for financial aid” for the equipment.
Leatherman said donations toward the Lucas device and McGrath Scope may be sent to the 911 center, with checks to be written to the Mineral County Ambulance Authority.
Among the other votes taken by the commissioner was to proceed with the inspection of the awning at the Judicial Annex, the determination of the boundaries of the New Creek Public Service District and continue with plans to update the proposed parking area, near Water Street, for the sheriff’s department vehicles.
Approval was given for McKenzie to advertise for a vacancy at the 911 center, due to having no names available on the future employment list.
The depletion of names on the employment list was because some are no longer interested or have found other employment.