Dedicated to my dear friend Debbie ~

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
Dedicated to my dear friend Debbie ~

In the gentle rain as blades of grass dance for this gift of manna -
I will think of you.
When butterflies flit through gardens of the most splendid, vibrant colors -
I will think of you.
As the sun sets on another day, and the midnight moon soon to light the sky -
I will think of you.
In the most quiet, intimate all-alone moments,
When each teardrop falls to the pages of a book that holds sentry against my chest...
I grasp at every memory of you,
Every kiss, every glance, every smile.
And in all things, when twists in the road
bring such weariness and doubt -
I will think of love.

Dedicated to not only my dear friend, Debbie, but to all of the ALS warriors, some no longer with us, and many still living ~

And just like that, God whispered his name, oh, so gently, and took the hand of
this courageous warrior...this husband, this son, this father, this grandfather, this brother, uncle, cousin, classmate and friend.

God said, "Your work here is done, Kevin. You have walked the footsteps of a true champion. Come, let's walk just a little longer. Let me take you to where, days without end, you will see the most magnificent colors, and feel the warmth of glorious sunshine on your face. Let us enter the most extraordinary place where there is no struggle and there are no tears - a place I have prepared just for you. There are some lovely people waiting for you, ready with their arms wide open."

And just like that, as Kevin took the hand of God Almighty, he glanced at his bride and all of those he loved on Earth, and he whispered, "All is well my loves, for heaven calls me home. One day, you will come and join me, and we will walk forever amidst flowers in the garden - together again and always. Until then - stay strong...hold steadfast to your faith, and take care of one another. My bride may need your comfort for a spell."

And just like that, Kevin Arbogast closed his eyes - and entered the Kingdom of God. And, the place that God had prepared for him? It was just as promised, and this warrior - this champion - shall dwell there for eternity... patiently awaiting the time when each of his loves joins him there.

Dedicated to all of us who, despite everything, still believe in love ~


Just as the day turns to night,
The moon takes its time
To lend light to the ship's captain -
Bright and full,
With beams touching the calm seas.
Captain at the helm,
On a journey to where he forever belonged.
Soon to take refuge
With no regrets,
In the arms of his maiden -
Where love dwells behind dark clouds
And her kisses melt upon his lips...
Reminding him of promises delivered,
Promises once again kept.

Dedicated to my father Fred Cavin, who passed away in 2013. This poem was written just before his death and immediately following a dream about my father as he stood at the front door of the home he had built for our family, not saying a word, yet his eyes said everything ~


On your way home, there you stand,
Straight and tall, pondering your journey.
Not a word spoken, yet we know,
Yet we know.
Seeing every crinkle and crease,
Weathered by strife and sun,
Oh the miles you have tread
Through the mountains of life!
Each chiseled feature sealed in the heart,
Eyes brimming with tears,
And your giant gentleness...ever remembered.
Although weary and worn
And burdens growing heavy,
The rising of dawn
Brings promise of fireflies at twilight,
forever remembered.

Dedicated to Mr. Moon ~


The moon and I,
The best of friends
From afar,
Not by choice.
For, if I chose,
I would draw you nigh,
Whisper secrets of the dark,
And hold fast for eternity.

Dedicated to those who love to walk, and dream, and feel all of the beauty around us ~


Good morning, my love
Oh, how I long to see you smile.
But, this road, this winding country road,
With towering trees and mounds
Of the greenest of grass -
How it slows my journey into your arms.
I want to hop and skip,
Like a child in the most secret of gardens,
And laugh with the sun
As it beams through branches and the slightest of breeze.
With each step, the stones and pebbles
Make the sweetest of melodies,
As if the fairies of the forest
Keep time with my footsteps.
I'm coming, my darling,
But wait as I breathe this life
Along this road,
And dance with falling leaves
And waltzing whispers of butterflies
As they pass through -
Stopping long enough
As if to urge me on to my destination.
It won't be long
My sweet guitar man,
It won't be long until
The chords of your music
Sooth my broken heart,
And my jaunt down this road
Takes me back where I belong.

If there is any advice I can offer, it is to remember the journey. Remember the why, the when, the where, the how, the what...details. Remember the blessings during some of the most painful, most devastating, most heart-wrenching moments of your life. Remember that in those moments of despair, we somehow find the strength and the courage to face another day, and we find that we can do things we never thought possible. And, as we collapse at day's end, exhausted from our efforts, we thank God for covering us with unconditional love and guidance.

Dedicated to my mom Janet Cavin, who passed from this life in 2014. There are so many things I loved about my mother, but picturing her in her ballet shoes when she was a young girl makes my heart smile ~

The raven-haired dancer was mid-flight at her final revue

Every patron entranced by her story…
Her ribbon of childhood innocence
Woven through dreams of baseball and ballet slippers.
Such grace and simple joy,
Moving to the heartbeat of all that is her,
Awakening the soul to twinkling stars,
Sorrowfully soon to dim.
We know the twilight is upon us,
The curtain call to come.
Let us close our eyes for just one moment
And breathe in her last encore.
For when those drapes descend to the ballet floor,
We all still to listen…
The dancer’s final bow.

Until next week my friends, God's blessings - soak them up.