CARPENDALE – Residents in Carpendale and throughout the area are advised to be watchful for suspicious activities. Carpendale Mayor Casey Lambert this week urged residents to be alert noting that several homes in the area have been approached early in the morning or late at night by someone knocking on the door and wanting to know if the resident wanted their trees trimmed.

“They know the homes where there is a single lady out here,” said Lambert. “They are around here and we want to be alert. If they know your trees need trimmed, they have been nosing around in the daytime,” he added.

Ridgeley Police Chief Jake Ryan asks that anyone noting suspicious activity call the Mineral County 911, who will alert law enforcement. He reported that officers have responded two five calls in Carpendale including a burglar alarm and noise complaints in the past month.

He added that Ridgeley and Carpendale were part of the search for Shawn Christy, who stole a truck in Bowling Green, but that there was no harm done in either town. Ryan updated the council that his department is fully compliant with the state and that an additional officer is planned to join the ranks in the coming weeks. The council this week passed the second reading of the ordinance to change the zoning on the CSX property from light industrial to commercial.

The CSX property was not originally zoned commercial when the zoning was implemented in town because the railroad was still operating there at the time. The current M1 designation limits large businesses in the area, which is what the town is hoping for as it seeks growth to move efforts to build a bridge from Carpendale to Bowling Green. In other business, the town is looking at blacktopping.

“We do have some real bad places,” said Lambert noting Park, Virginia, West Virginia and South Streets as a few. “There’s a lot of them and whatever we can spend on that we will.”