As I lie here in the hospital, I have some perfect quiet time...a time to reflect, a time to think about all the good things in my life, and a time to even do a little writing - just like this!

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
As I lie here in the hospital, I have some perfect quiet time...a time to reflect, a time to think about all the good things in my life, and a time to even do a little writing - just like this!
The night nurse has just finished taking vitals, and now I should be trying to sleep. But who can really get any good sleep in the hospital, right?
I have been stuck, pricked, medicined-up, and several nurses spent over 20 minutes trying to find a vein for my IV. If I weren't so sick, I would have found the whole situation quite comical. You just had to be there LOL.
So, no fireworks for me this week, and I am quite sad about that. No family picnic, no cookout, no backyard swimming with the grandkids. Just a little five-day stint in the hospital.
Now I won't lie - being a patient in a hospital for five days is no fun. Sure, I had some time when I could reflect on all that needed to be done, and all that I was missing, and all I would have to do when I got home. And, I sure have missed my cat Leo - my bed buddy - who likes to have his ears scratched and his chin rubbed before he settles in at the foot of my bed, keeping my feet warm.
But, I did receive incredible care from the staff here at WVU Potomac Valley Hospital. And, with individual cooling in each room, I was able to keep my room nice and cold during this stifling heat wave. I tried to be a good patient, but at times it was challenging to tolerate the numerous vital checks, IV and needles.
One of the special things that happened while the nursing staff came and went was finding out that some remembered my father. Dad loved this hospital, and he spent many days over his lifetime here - that is the former hospital on Mineral Street  - during his occasional bouts with pneumonia and COPD. When Dad was first diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, he started his journey here with Dr. Shroff. Dad loved that man.
As it would turn out, Dr. Shroff would also be my physician while in the hospital. When he first came to my room, he remembered me and he remembered my father. That was such a blessing. When he confirmed that I was Fred Cavin's daughter, the smile on his face said everything!
Backing up to my ER visit and then my eventual admission, Dr. Gould was the ER doctor. Michael, as I know him, played baseball and football with my youngest son Andy when they were teenagers. Seeing Michael brought back one memory that I'm sure Michael shares as well. Michael was a catcher, and Andy was a pitcher, and at one tragic baseball game, Michael took a baseball right to his eye. It was just awful to be a spectator and see that. As it turned out, he had to go to the hospital and he found that he had a broken orbital socket. But nothing stopped Michael. He got a special face plate to wear so he could play in the next game! Now he is a physician - a very respected and skilled one at that.
Michael was very concerned about all of my test results and the seriousness of his diagnosis. I had never seen this side of Michael before, now Dr. Gould, and I could feel his concern for my well-being was sincere.
Anyway, I behaved myself in the hospital - mostly LOL - took my meds and did as I was asked. As of the writing of this column, I will possibly be discharged this afternoon as long as the cultures and blood work determine I can go home.
HOME. I like the sound of that. Back to my own bed in my own room, with four cats to catch up with and love. Back to wearing real clothes, and having something good to eat. Back to uninterrupted sleep, my flower gardens, early mornings hearing the birds chirp and fireworks, a campfire, s'mores and roasted hot dogs one night next week. And, a long, hot shower.
In closing, I want to encourage you to be thankful for what you have. To be grateful no matter what the circumstances. Not to whine when you don't get to see fireworks - after all, there's always another fireworks display. To appreciate good health, family, the love of a significant other, and love for God who loves us no matter how much we cry, how much we moan and groan, or how much we wish things were different.
God is good...always.